Why is travel technology highly important for New and established travel agency?

Today, technology plays a very important role in tourism and hospitality industry as it allows both the travel companies and customers to interact with each other without any hindrances. Travel technology consists of various elements that helps tour operators of both small and large scale to operate freely and efficiently. It provides the customers and businesses with enormous benefits that ranges from communication, reservations and service systems. Therefore, we can state that travel technology solutions is highly important for new and established travel agency, and if they want to achieve their organizational goals, they need to utilize travel technology system fluently.

How does travel agencies benefit from travel technology?

Travel agencies, whether new or established, needs to have a system that would help them to communicate with their target audience 24/7. They need to provide the customers with services and easiness to book travel products and packages easily. This can be achieved through travel agency booking software developed by a reliable travel technology service provider. They are able to prepare a responsive and ease to use travel booking system, allowing the travel agency to easily interact with the potential customer and generate leads.

Travel technology can also help the new travel agencies to increase their customer base by helping them to target audience who are looking for travel products such as hotels, flights, travel packages, etc. or planning a holiday. Developing a customer base is the top priority of any newly established travel organization and travel technology can enable them just to achieve it in a short duration. It would also help them to develop interactive and affordable travel packages that would help them to attract more and more customers. Furthermore, travel technology can also allow the new travel agency to offer promotional offers and discounts to catch the attention of holiday-goers easily.

As for the established travel agency, travel technology can allow them to tackle the aggressive competition in the market and able to generate better leads by analysing the activities of the competitors. It can assist the company to analyse the market conditions and take better decisions through centralized reporting, detailed travel records and communication, and better statistical data. They will be able to control their operating costs and deliver quality customer service in order to enhance their brand reputation.

Travel technology is a dedicated field that helps travel agencies to offer best services to their customers, which include offering them preferred travel products, easy travel booking options through online booking portals, automatic confirmation of bookings to reduce the burden from travel agents and much more. There are various travel technology organizations that offers best travel technology solutions to new and established travel agencies. QuadLabs is one such travel technology company which is accredited and multiple award winner, offering the most appropriate solutions to travel agencies who wants to achieve their organizational goals. They are a leading company operating worldwide with extensive expertise in giving relevant technical assistance to companies looking to advance their customer base and revenue.


Why innovation and enhancement are key components of online travel technology?

The 21st-century customer is extremely smarter than previous generations and does not want to compromise with the quality of service they receive. In this technologically advanced world, the customer now has all the access to the information related to any industry which is also the case with the travel industry. The travel Technology industry has certainly made the life of a Traveler a lot easier after providing them various benefits and convenience. In earlier times, travelers are required to visit the tour operator in order to book their holiday packages. They have to go through with the price, service and quality offered by the travel agency. But now traveler can easily find a relevant and cost efficient holiday package through online booking, without stepping out.

Similarly, travelling was considered a very costly affair in the past, due to which people with good income and essential work used to travel from one place to another. However, today almost everyone has the means and interest in travelling, whether it is for vacation, leisure, adventure, business or education, thus the number of people traveling has increased greatly in the last few decades. All these have been possible due to the advancement in travel technology and the introduction of online booking engine.

Online booking portal allows people to book travel products such as flight, hotels, car rentals, and buses, holiday packages on their own without interacting with a tour operator or agent. This reduces the price of the travel product a lot as the compensation for the operator omits, enabling the customer to have a relatively cheaper holiday with same quality of service. Apart from that, the further enhancement in travel technology also offered extensive services to the customers and the travel agencies, which cannot be ignored. For instance, the B2C booking engine that are designed currently offer amenities such as automatic notifications or booking confirmation to the traveler regarding hotel booking, flight booking, etc., allowing the travel agency to reduce workload and assisting the customer not to be concerned about booking and call the facility to confirm.

Moreover, the travelers get real time support during their tour such as requesting pick up and drop, inquiry related to cancellation policy, sightseeing, etc. This ensures a better travelling experience for the customer and increases the brand reputation of the travel agency as well. B2B travel portals are another widely recognized and useful innovation in travel industry which allows the business traveler to get best possible visiting experience which fulfills all the needs of the traveler to have a successful business trip such as meeting and conference hall, hygienic food, projectors, computer facility, etc.

All these innovations and enhancements in the online travel technology has offered a significant growth in the travel industry and thus can be considered vital components of the industry. QuadLabs travel technology provider is a leading company in the world who is known to offer lucrative and innovative travel technology solutions to travel agencies and help them to enhance their profit by a great margin.

Why travel ERP on cloud solution is important for online travel industry?

Enterprise Resource Planning is an important aspect for any business industry and the same can be said for the travel industry. Travel ERP software allows the travel agency to perform more using less resources including money and human effort. It offers flexibility, higher agility and visibility to the agency by reducing their overall costs, increasing efficiency and enhancing the customer satisfaction. This helps the company to remain viable and competitive which is necessary to sustain a good position in the market. Some of the functions travel ERP software help the travel agencies to perform include customer engagement, sales and marketing, integrating multiple business processes, HRM and billing. However, one of the best innovations in the ERP for travel industry is the Cloud ERP Solution.

Cloud ERP is a latest approach in enterprise resource planning that utilizes cloud computing platform to help the companies to perform their business process efficiently. It refers to the use of internet software that are hosted remotely and used by the organization for business operations. The reason why on cloud travel ERP solutions are becoming more and more popular is the fact that it provides various benefits to the travel agencies. Some of these benefits include:

Reduced Cost

One of the benefits travel agencies can enjoy using Cloud ERP travel solutions, also known as Travel ERP on SaaS, is the proven reduced costs associated with it. It helps in avoiding upfront costs involved in the process as the need for buying hardware and software are eliminated. There are no monthly subscription fee and software licenses are involved, which can increase the overall budget of the company. Similarly, since there will be no hardware requirements, the need for IT support can also be eliminated, further reducing the cost. Cloud computing is responsible for the all the upgrades and maintenance which won’t be bearded by the company.

24/7 accessibility

On cloud ERP travel software also allows the company to perform their business operations at any time and place. Since it is not bound by one system containing a particular software, it can be accessed and used by the authorized person at any time period and place as long as he or she have the access to Internet. All it requires is valid authorization details to begin the work.

Increased efficiency

Using Cloud Travel ERP Solutions offer fast processing of travel operations such as offering customer support, online booking of flights and hotels, reporting, developing and sending invoices and any other tasks. It doesn’t suffer any technical issues as compared to a physical system, which require a lot of time and effort. This not only increase the productivity of the company, but also offers high safety and security to the information of the company.

QuadLabs is an award winning and accredited travel technology solution provider who provides the most reliable and result oriented Cloud ERP Travel solutions to travel agencies that are sure to help them achieve their organizational goals, which is to increase their profit and revenue.


How tour operators and travel agents boost their businesses?

Travel industry is a challenging sector as the competition in the market is huge. There are various online travel agents in the market, offering reliable and best travel booking services, which decreases market share for many. Most of the travel agencies offer travel booking services but do not give importance to marketing which result in low business. Even, in off seasons, adopting marketing strategies can help them in increasing the efficiency of the business. People like to go different places and willing to spend money on touring to beautiful places.

First of all, adopting a suitable travel platform by using the services of travel Technology Company is necessary to provide growth to the company. Adopting Travel Technology Solution for your business will let you manage all you bookings and accounting on a single platform. In addition to this, it will also help the tour operator to design wonderful tour packages, applying business rules and selling their tour packages by different distribution channels. Running tour business more efficiently will definitely add to profitability which ultimately results in boosting the business.

It is really very convenient for the customers for choosing the option of package booking online and at any time of the day. Travel Technology Solution also let you have content of high quality to ensure better ranking in the search engines. So, taking the business online for boosting the travel business is an effective strategy as you will be able to reach a wider audience. In fact, going for travel agency software aids the travel agencies in reducing their administrative cost.

As the craze for going to abroad is increasing among people, therefore, expanding the services as outbound tour operator will definitely help the tour operators in boosting the sales. The services in this include taking residents for travelling from one to another country. It’s a wonderful opportunity to take advantage of and give the business a required boost. The package booking starts when tour operators and travel agents offer best deals which give freedom and value to their customers. The outbound tour operator must concentrate that their packages must include major tourist destinations in the world and identify the demand for travellers. With the aim of boosting their business even in low seasons, they should offer customized packages.

Some of the common points to be taken care by the travel technology company for helping the tour operators and travel agencies to increase their revenue are as follows:

  • Optimizing the website for travel lovers:- The website must be attractive and effective. The images in it for different places should be clear and aligned. Adding visual components to writing part will offer compliment to the written section.
  • Social media:- No one can ignore the importance of social media for making online presence of any services. This is the direct way to interact with your potential customers and giving them new information about the packages of different countries and places.
  • Knowing the target audience:- If the travel agencies and tour operators does not have any idea of needs and requirements of their clients, then all their efforts will go in waste and there will be no revenue. So, they should try to understand the interests of their audience.


Automate your backend travel operation and booking fulfillment with mid-office

There is an intense competition in the travel market at all level, which makes the travel agencies to perform better and better in order to stay in the competition. Mid office and travel back office system management is considered one of the most crucial system that enable them to offer satisfying travelling experience to the customers through quality support. However, it can prove to be a difficult process where possibility of errors remain high if travel agencies doesn’t have a system. The best way to prevent is by automating backend travel process with mid office system for resolving issues of travelers in real time.

Importance of automating backend travel operations and bookings

In travel industry, the management of back office is as crucial as the front end. It includes operations such as enquiry management, booking management, supplier management, generating invoices & reports and regulatory compliance which covers the administration and support personnel that doesn’t require client facing. Automating these functions saves a lot of time, effort and money for the company, which enhances their productivity and performance and offer more satisfaction to the customers. Some of the main backend travel operations that can be automated using mid office are as follows:

  1. Invoicing and reporting: Calculating cost of sales and revenue can be tedious yet significant task, which needs to be performed on a regular basis. Manually carrying it out requires prolonged time and effort, which can be saved by automating the process using automation tools such as XChange mid office system. It helps the travel agency to generate accurate reports while tracking the payments and bookings in real time.
  2. Business intelligence: Travel agencies are required to develop effective travel policies and compliances, travel pattern reports along with monitoring the labor cost. It involves a lot of manual work, but with mid office system, the company can reduce their labor cost and increase their productivity through reduced time consumption using integrated applications.
  3. Commissions of suppliers and agent: It is also necessary to calculate the commissions of sub-agents, suppliers and vendor which include hotel, flight, car rental etc in order to find out the exact revenue generated. By automating this operation, the company won’t need to carry out this confusing and hectic task.
  4. Customer relation: Certainly one of the most important aspect of travel agency is to maintain good relations with the customers for which, travel CRM software should be utilized. Mid office system can also act as travel CRM system where customer services can be automated to provide real time support to the travelers along with after care services such as promotion and feedback.

Automation utilizing mid office system gives all that could possibly be needed advantages to the travel agency which help them in keeping up their position in the market and target an ever increasing number of clients to improve their revenue. However, it is necessary to hire the services of a reputed travel technology providers such as, QuadLabs who is very much perceived and exceptionally experienced in the field to robotize your booking and backend travel operations.


Automate travel operations, processes, sales and reconciliation with XChange

Automation process can be very helpful for any business industry as it enables them to perform the same functions without physically doing. In travel industry, automating travel processes such as travel bookings, customer management, supplier management, administration and enquiry management by Mid Office plays a key role in acquiring competitiveness and increase market share. There are several Mid Office and Travel CRM Software’s available in market for travel industry, however, XChange Mid Office system developed by QuadLabs is by far the most effective and trustworthy.

Features of XChange and what functions can be automated using the system

XChange is quite user friendly and help the travel agency to automate various necessary functions. It helps in automating consolidated information gathered from different sales channels and suppliers. Furthermore, the system is an effective travel CRM system, which assists in customer relationship management which is one of the most important aspect for any travel operator. XChange automate processes such as sending latest news and offers to the customers and provide essential support. The Travel desk or front desk features of Mid Office system gives the travel agency to book tickets coming directly though phone or through walk-in customer also it helps to resolve any queries or issues of the travelers during or after their trip, where all the answers are predefined.

Not only Mid Office system, the system also aids the agency to manage travel bookings and suppliers as well by automating their functions. It will automatically show the upcoming bookings, showcase the payments, list of guests and their demands, along with generating invoices and reports. When it comes to sales and reconciliation, XChange enable the agency to manage their sales and purchase rules in an effective manner, thus ensuring that the records and figures are in agreement are correct.

Other benefits that travel agencies can enjoy by automating their travel operations using XChange is that they speed up their payment processes to the suppliers which can be automated, thus, eliminating any kind of delay in payment. It ensures better relations with the suppliers which ultimately leads to better services to the customers. Moreover, the development of spreadsheet and reports become easier as it doesn’t require a manual updating on the sheets and creating reports which would be time consuming.

XChange Mid Office can be considered an extremely reliable and useful for automating all the travel process, which permits the organization to save not only time but an adequate amount of money as well and at the same time, increasing the quality of services offered to the traveler.

QuadLabs, who is one of the leading travel technology provider in the world, has developed this travel automation which acts as a travel CRM software along with an assistance provider for travel agency that would help them managing various processes, customers and suppliers to increase their revenue and sales.

Innovations transforming the travel industry

Technology is changing everyday with new innovations coming out making the life of a common man a lot easier. In travel industry, various innovative and unique travel technology seems to enter the market, which enables the travel agencies to provide satisfactory travel experience to the customers. Travel technology provider all over the world are looking to introduce relevant and industry focused technology that would change the travel industry for good.  It is a universal fact that travelers are now preferring online booking and other technological aspects over the conventional way, which has brought a massive transformation in the industry. Today, we will talk about some of the best innovations in the travel technology which the industry is witnessing.

  1. Mobile Booking: Travel Technology Company in Europe and other parts of the world are developing exceptional mobile applications for travel agencies, allowing them to help the customer make last minute booking using their mobile devices. Today everyone is using a smartphone that comprises flights, hotel booking applications along with car services. Finding Uber, looking for restaurants and local tour guides assist the traveler to easily navigate through the new destination using their mobile handset.
  2. Augmented reality: This is another innovation which transforming the travel industry in a positive direction. The travelers can easily translate the local language on the go, witness the rooms virtually, watch the travel destinations without setting foot outside along with navigate through the area with ease. The Google Glass is a fine example of augmented reality in travel industry that helps the traveler virtually experience the tourist destinations while sitting.
  3. Artificial Intelligence: AI has certainly changed the way travelers search for tourist destinations or book hotels and flights. Travel technology Company in Asia and Middle East are now developing travel systems that provide dynami pricing details about travel products that records data such as room types, weather, pricing, etc. and tells the user about necessary information. It also allows the traveler to plan their entire trip which involves searching for best hotels and flight along with providing suggestions on tourist destinations and places to eat. Apples’ Siri and Amazon’s Alexa are some of the best examples of artificial intelligence used in travel.
  4. Real time information: The availability of travel products tends to change every second. With advanced travel systems developed by travel technology companies, the travelers can receive live flight delay information, predictions of trains and flight arrivals, rebooking services in case of cancellation, live rates, real time availability of hotel rooms, etc.

Other trendy innovations in travel industry include geo location, sensors such as compass, accelerometer, indoor positioning and much more that allows the traveler to get the best possible touring experience. There are many travel technology companies in the world, however, QuadLabs is considered one of the finest and award winning travel Technology Company who is best known to provide the most innovative and competitive travel solutions for agencies and help them achieve better return on investment by targeting more and more customers from all over the world.