Challenges for business travel industry?

Business travel plays an important role in business growth and customer outreach. Over the past few years’ business travel has seen a healthy growth in terms of travelling and travel expenditure. Corporate travellers want to save time, make the trip more productive, and enjoy a pleasant experience while completing business work. Understanding the challenges being faced by the corporates today will help define the travel management systems in future. Even though the technology advancements are helping and improving the corporate travel experience, there is still a lot to be done. Integrating technology to create sustainable, efficient, and safe platforms is the key to overcome challenges in the business travel industry. Creating a holistic spectrum for itinerary planning and booking is required to provide a world-class travel experience to the corporates. The resources and funds are being invested in the right direction and companies like QuadLabs are coming up with corporate booking tools that are able to provide a flawless interface for corporate travel and travel expense management.

There are a lot of online booking engines and self booking tools currently available in the market to manage the travel requirement of a company that boasts of flawless performance. Picking the right one is important and critical for the business. Some challenges that are being faced by these tools and the business travel industry are:

1. Improving travel experience: Business travel has a huge impact on employee retention and satisfaction. A bad travel experience can make an employee think about leaving the company. Around 84 percent of travellers believe that the quality and experience of their business travel impacts their trips’ productivity. Choice of hotels, safety tracking apps, mobile travel applications etc. are few ways with which a company can improve business travel experience for their corporate travellers.

2. Protecting employee data: Data breaches, sharing of social media platform logins credentials etc. have raised a concern among corporate travellers regarding the privacy of their personal and official data. Employee data encryption, awareness of potential data breaches etc. are some steps that the company can take in this aspect.

3. Safer travel for employees: Keeping the employees safe is the one of the major challenge for the business travel industry. Over 67 percent of women feel unsafe during their business trips. In such scenarios, duty of care, keeping abreast with their employees travel, access to local content, etc. ensures that employee feel safer during their business travel.

4. Rising cost of Managing travel: The cost of managing travel for its employees is on the rise currently. Companies can contract with multiple TMCs, Hotels, Airlines, and other service providers for business travel. This will help them to reduce their travel cost and time consumed in arranging for travel thus leading to a trouble free and satisfied corporate traveller resulting in overall increase in productivity.

These are some of the challenges that the business travel industry is currently addressing. The team at QuadLabs has designed travel management tools to address these challenges so that the corporates can enjoy an amazing travel experience. From mobile applications for corporates to self booking tool for corporate this teams designs all variety of tools. Do reach out to them for a demo.


New trends in technology adopted by travel industry?

People are traveling more and more nowadays. A significant increase in air passengers has been seen in the past few years and it is on a constant increase. The travellers have become more demanding nowadays as well to meet this requirement therefore, innovation in technology is driving significant changes in the travel industry. The interaction between employees and travel management is changing and becoming simpler and digital. Also, to meet their customer’s requirements the travel management systems are being designed that run on the power of data analytics to meet customer’s requirements. The advanced systems not only help in managing travel but also keep a track of cost and compliance violations. Having such travel management systems will help you in running your business at optimal travel cost.

Since the current travel trends show that travel has become an integral part of businesses, a dedicated travel booking system is essential for travel management. The new trends that are helping companies in designing the best travel management systems are:

  1. Done For You approach: With the incorporation of end-to-end automation it has become very easy for these systems to perform the tasks at the backend easily. With the invention of Artificial Intelligence, the mental tasks are also being handled by the tool. The human intervention is just minimum, gone are the ‘Do it by yourself’ days.
  2. User-friendly interface: In this digital age there is an overflow of information and picking the right travel plan becomes tough. The analytical systems connect with the centralized systems to display the best-suited travel itinerary based on the customer’s travel requirement. This information is displayed as a crisp summary for the user to understand easily.
  3. Blockchain: Integration of Blockchain technology helps in securing the information of the buyer and the seller through encryption of the trade. This increases the trust in the customers while using the travel management systems. Blockchain enables authentic, speedy, personalized, and secure traveling experience.
  4. NDC: New Distribution Capability enables common data transition standard in the airline industry. It makes the booking process simpler by providing the real-time information to the customer for the services selected by him or her. The customer gets more visibility in the ancillary products which is a big benefit. The access to lower fares, new products, product comparisons are other benefits that a customer gets.
  5. Mobile App: The travel booking systems also have a mobile application available so that the customer can access the travel related queries and bookings on the smartphone itself. Having the information being readily available on the go enhances the travel experience.

The travel technology advancements have significantly improved the travel experience of the passengers and contributed towards the growth of the tourism industry. These travel tools designed on the latest technologies are a boon to the modern day traveller as they not only enhance the travel experience but also are safe and secure. QuadLabs designs such travel management systems that are automated, centralized, secure, and cost-effective. Do reach out to the team at QuadLabs for a demo.

Points to consider: While selecting an online platform for Business Travel

Since all the companies have gone global to sell their products to increase their revenue, business travel has become an integral part of their company’s culture. Business travel also puts extra cost pressure on the company and hence it is necessary for the company to manage their travel budget. Having a travel management system is always a good choice to optimize the money spent on business travel. QuadLabs is a company that has a world class business travel management system. The system can be customized and helps the company in running their business in a lean way. If you have a good travel management system, then your company will see a steady increase in revenue and profit margins.

Picking a good travel management system for a company can be tricky. Many such online systems are offered by companies, but choosing the right management system is important. Below are few pointers that you should look for in these corporate management systems before picking one for your company.

  1. Self-booking capability: The tool should be capable enough to search for the fares that are not only the best but also satisfy the corporate’s travel policies, approval workflow.
  2. Safe and secure: The corporate management system should have the end-to-end automation incorporated into it to make it faster, easy and secure. Also the system should be rights based. All this keeps the employee and company data safe from any breach
  3. Approval Workflow and Policy management: These travel management systems should be configurable as per the approval workflow in the company. It should be easy to incorporate all the travel and compliance related policies in the tool to control any kind of violation and prevent unwanted travel.
  4. Expense Management: The tool should have facility and feature to upload expenses incurred by and employee w/o a trip. An expense submitted should be billed or reimbursed after going through the approval workflow. Reports should be generated for travel expenses to generate insights and analyse travel costs for optimizing the budget.
  5. Centralized booking: With centralised booking and booking management process it becomes easier to manage and process bookings. With this it becomes easier, faster and smoother to manage bookings from various sources.
  6. Duty of Care: Having this feature in the tool will help the company in reaching out to their employees in case of an emergency situation and help them in keeping safe.

These are some of the features that should be present in the travel management system that you are planning to buy for your company. You should also look at the cost-effectiveness and efficiency of these portals to get a clear idea of the finances that your company needs to invest in them. QuadLabs has a comprehensive, advance corporate management system being used by customers across the globe. You can reach out to them and get a hands-on experience on their products.

Automate travel operations, processes, sales and reconciliation with XChange

Automation process can be very helpful for any business industry as it enables them to perform the same functions without physically doing. In travel industry, automating travel processes such as travel bookings, customer management, supplier management, administration and enquiry management by Mid Office plays a key role in acquiring competitiveness and increase market share. There are several Mid Office and Travel CRM Software’s available in market for travel industry, however, XChange Mid Office system developed by QuadLabs is by far the most effective and trustworthy.

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Innovations transforming the travel industry

Technology is changing everyday with new innovations coming out making the life of a common man a lot easier. In travel industry, various innovative and unique travel technology seems to enter the market, which enables the travel agencies to provide satisfactory travel experience to the customers. Travel technology provider all over the world are looking to introduce relevant and industry focused technology that would change the travel industry for good.  It is a universal fact that travelers are now preferring online booking and other technological aspects over the conventional way, which has brought a massive transformation in the industry. Today, we will talk about some of the best innovations in the travel technology which the industry is witnessing.

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How have the online travel booking systems transformed the global travel agencies?

Online travel booking systems has truly transformed the way people plan their tours along with how travel agencies all over the world offer their services to the individual. In earlier times, local tour operators and travel agencies were totally dependent on the travel needs and requirements of the people who are present nearby. Their services were limited to a particular geographical area, which also restricts their profits and revenue. Furthermore, offering the customers with full fledged travel services during the tour were quite difficult as well.

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How to select the right Travel technology Company to develop your online booking system?

Travel technology has seen tremendous growth in the recent years. This is the main reason the number of people utilizing online booking services in order to book travel products such as hotels, flights, car rentals, holiday packages, etc. have also increased dramatically. This revolutionary growth has made travel agencies to understand the significance of travel technology service providers and what extensive benefits they can derive from their innovative techniques. However, when it comes to finding a worthy and reliable travel technology company, it could be more of a troublesome task as there are many companies out there claiming to provide the most responsive and quality travel technology solutions.

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