Why innovation and enhancement are key components of online travel technology?

The 21st-century customer is extremely smarter than previous generations and does not want to compromise with the quality of service they receive. In this technologically advanced world, the customer now has all the access to the information related to any industry which is also the case with the travel industry. The travel Technology industry has certainly made the life of a Traveler a lot easier after providing them various benefits and convenience. In earlier times, travelers are required to visit the tour operator in order to book their holiday packages. They have to go through with the price, service and quality offered by the travel agency. But now traveler can easily find a relevant and cost efficient holiday package through online booking, without stepping out.

Similarly, travelling was considered a very costly affair in the past, due to which people with good income and essential work used to travel from one place to another. However, today almost everyone has the means and interest in travelling, whether it is for vacation, leisure, adventure, business or education, thus the number of people traveling has increased greatly in the last few decades. All these have been possible due to the advancement in travel technology and the introduction of online booking engine.

Online booking portal allows people to book travel products such as flight, hotels, car rentals, and buses, holiday packages on their own without interacting with a tour operator or agent. This reduces the price of the travel product a lot as the compensation for the operator omits, enabling the customer to have a relatively cheaper holiday with same quality of service. Apart from that, the further enhancement in travel technology also offered extensive services to the customers and the travel agencies, which cannot be ignored. For instance, the B2C booking engine that are designed currently offer amenities such as automatic notifications or booking confirmation to the traveler regarding hotel booking, flight booking, etc., allowing the travel agency to reduce workload and assisting the customer not to be concerned about booking and call the facility to confirm.

Moreover, the travelers get real time support during their tour such as requesting pick up and drop, inquiry related to cancellation policy, sightseeing, etc. This ensures a better travelling experience for the customer and increases the brand reputation of the travel agency as well. B2B travel portals are another widely recognized and useful innovation in travel industry which allows the business traveler to get best possible visiting experience which fulfills all the needs of the traveler to have a successful business trip such as meeting and conference hall, hygienic food, projectors, computer facility, etc.

All these innovations and enhancements in the online travel technology has offered a significant growth in the travel industry and thus can be considered vital components of the industry. QuadLabs travel technology provider is a leading company in the world who is known to offer lucrative and innovative travel technology solutions to travel agencies and help them to enhance their profit by a great margin.


Why travel ERP on cloud solution is important for online travel industry?

Enterprise Resource Planning is an important aspect for any business industry and the same can be said for the travel industry. Travel ERP software allows the travel agency to perform more using less resources including money and human effort. It offers flexibility, higher agility and visibility to the agency by reducing their overall costs, increasing efficiency and enhancing the customer satisfaction. This helps the company to remain viable and competitive which is necessary to sustain a good position in the market. Some of the functions travel ERP software help the travel agencies to perform include customer engagement, sales and marketing, integrating multiple business processes, HRM and billing. However, one of the best innovations in the ERP for travel industry is the Cloud ERP Solution.

Cloud ERP is a latest approach in enterprise resource planning that utilizes cloud computing platform to help the companies to perform their business process efficiently. It refers to the use of internet software that are hosted remotely and used by the organization for business operations. The reason why on cloud travel ERP solutions are becoming more and more popular is the fact that it provides various benefits to the travel agencies. Some of these benefits include:

Reduced Cost

One of the benefits travel agencies can enjoy using Cloud ERP travel solutions, also known as Travel ERP on SaaS, is the proven reduced costs associated with it. It helps in avoiding upfront costs involved in the process as the need for buying hardware and software are eliminated. There are no monthly subscription fee and software licenses are involved, which can increase the overall budget of the company. Similarly, since there will be no hardware requirements, the need for IT support can also be eliminated, further reducing the cost. Cloud computing is responsible for the all the upgrades and maintenance which won’t be bearded by the company.

24/7 accessibility

On cloud ERP travel software also allows the company to perform their business operations at any time and place. Since it is not bound by one system containing a particular software, it can be accessed and used by the authorized person at any time period and place as long as he or she have the access to Internet. All it requires is valid authorization details to begin the work.

Increased efficiency

Using Cloud Travel ERP Solutions offer fast processing of travel operations such as offering customer support, online booking of flights and hotels, reporting, developing and sending invoices and any other tasks. It doesn’t suffer any technical issues as compared to a physical system, which require a lot of time and effort. This not only increase the productivity of the company, but also offers high safety and security to the information of the company.

QuadLabs is an award winning and accredited travel technology solution provider who provides the most reliable and result oriented Cloud ERP Travel solutions to travel agencies that are sure to help them achieve their organizational goals, which is to increase their profit and revenue.


How Travel Management System by QuadLabs helps TMC to grow?

For any corporate or business travel management company TMC, having a profound and responsive travel management system can prove to be highly effective and beneficial for the business. A reliable corporate booking tool would allow the travel agency to provide appropriate, quick and flexible travel-related products, enabling the business traveler to have a safe, successful and satisfying business trip. There are many travel technology companies out there who can develop a client and result oriented travel management system as per the needs and requirements of the business travel company. But when it comes to timely delivery, quality and 24/7 customer support, no one comes near QuadLabs, which is a multiple award-winning travel technology organization.

Why should one hire the services of QuadLabs for developing travel management system?

A travel booking system dedicated towards business travel is completely different from the one designed for leisure travel. It requires having real-time processing, 24/7 customer support and other valuable features, resulting in a satisfying experience for the business traveler. Furthermore, it should be designed in such a manner that clients can be provided cost-efficient and reliable services. Below are provided some of the ways why travel management systems developed by QuadLabs is quite effective TMC organizations:

  1. Detailed travel records and communication: Handling business travel is a very complex procedure as it requires immediate access to the necessary personnel when the need arises, and failure to do so can result in the loss for the corporate personnel and cost the TMC its reputation. Travel management system developed by QuadLabs offers quick access to the records and easy communication between the client and the travel company, should an emergency occur.
  2. Centralized reporting of incidents: It is not just necessary to keep detail information about travel bookings and other stuff, it is the law. A responsive travel management system contains all the information about the hotels, air transports, car rentals, along with technical aspects that could help the business traveler get the best out of their trip. Even at the time of crisis such as unavailability of transport at night, immediate hotel booking nearby should be made to make the traveler feel safe and secured.
  3. Automated responses and notifications: An effective travel system should also be able to send notifications and responses to travelers automatically, allowing the travel company to save time and effort. Sending responses to the traveler at regular or timely intervals, such as departing time of flight, notifying the location of meetings, information about car rental position, etc. helps the TMC to provide necessary information to the business traveler without delay or forgetting.
  4. Self-booking tool: QuadLabs develop a remarkable self-booking tool that lets the business traveler to book their own hotels, car rentals, flights, etc, without the assistance of travel agency, and making the interaction between the two through online medium. This promotes flexibility, saves time and energy and enhance the user satisfaction as well.

Therefore, if you also want to have a dedicated and client-oriented travel management system for your corporate travel booking, then hire the services of QuadLabs.

Automate travel operations, processes, sales and reconciliation with XChange

Automation process can be very helpful for any business industry as it enables them to perform the same functions without physically doing. In travel industry, automating travel processes such as travel bookings, customer management, supplier management, administration and enquiry management by Mid Office plays a key role in acquiring competitiveness and increase market share. There are several Mid Office and Travel CRM Software’s available in market for travel industry, however, XChange Mid Office system developed by QuadLabs is by far the most effective and trustworthy.

Features of XChange and what functions can be automated using the system

XChange is quite user friendly and help the travel agency to automate various necessary functions. It helps in automating consolidated information gathered from different sales channels and suppliers. Furthermore, the system is an effective travel CRM system, which assists in customer relationship management which is one of the most important aspect for any travel operator. XChange automate processes such as sending latest news and offers to the customers and provide essential support. The Travel desk or front desk features of Mid Office system gives the travel agency to book tickets coming directly though phone or through walk-in customer also it helps to resolve any queries or issues of the travelers during or after their trip, where all the answers are predefined.

Not only Mid Office system, the system also aids the agency to manage travel bookings and suppliers as well by automating their functions. It will automatically show the upcoming bookings, showcase the payments, list of guests and their demands, along with generating invoices and reports. When it comes to sales and reconciliation, XChange enable the agency to manage their sales and purchase rules in an effective manner, thus ensuring that the records and figures are in agreement are correct.

Other benefits that travel agencies can enjoy by automating their travel operations using XChange is that they speed up their payment processes to the suppliers which can be automated, thus, eliminating any kind of delay in payment. It ensures better relations with the suppliers which ultimately leads to better services to the customers. Moreover, the development of spreadsheet and reports become easier as it doesn’t require a manual updating on the sheets and creating reports which would be time consuming.

XChange Mid Office can be considered an extremely reliable and useful for automating all the travel process, which permits the organization to save not only time but an adequate amount of money as well and at the same time, increasing the quality of services offered to the traveler.

QuadLabs, who is one of the leading travel technology provider in the world, has developed this travel automation which acts as a travel CRM software along with an assistance provider for travel agency that would help them managing various processes, customers and suppliers to increase their revenue and sales.

How have the online travel booking systems transformed the global travel agencies?

Online travel booking systems has truly transformed the way people plan their tours along with how travel agencies all over the world offer their services to the individual. In earlier times, local tour operators and travel agencies were totally dependent on the travel needs and requirements of the people who are present nearby. Their services were limited to a particular geographical area, which also restricts their profits and revenue. Furthermore, offering the customers with full fledged travel services during the tour were quite difficult as well.

However, with the emergence of online travel booking systems, travel agencies throughout the world have been able to improve and enhance their travel services extensively and provide the potential customers with far superior tour experience, even in this stiff competition. The augmentation in travel technology solutions in recent years have made it possible for tour operators to reach and target a wider audience while appealing them through highly innovative and striking travel packages. Some of the ways by which travel agency systems has transformed the global travel agencies are as follows:

  1. Communicate with potential customers 24/7: Bringing your travel business online would allow you to impart your unique travel offers and dynamic packages to the travelers at any time of the day. It increases engagement level with the customer and develop more sales opportunties without giving much effort. At the same time, you can easily appeal to new and existing customers by your exciting offers through online travel booking system.
  2. Tracking of real time sales: One of the best way to determine if your business is moving in a positive manner, is by tracking the sales of business products and services. The travel agent system also helps the travel agency to real time sales, allowing the company to predict revenue and compare earnings. This helps the management to make any necessary modifications in the system to enhance the productivity and sales.
  3. Online performance management: Performance management is a very critical process in business management, which must be done accurately. Online travel booking systems showcase the performance of the company and act as a critic for every activity performed. Whether it is hotel or flight reservations, travel package booking, or any query related to the customer, it helps the travel agencies to properly analyse and manage the performance of the busniess in a positive direction.
  4. Easy payment and customer support: The success of any business depends highly on its customer service. In travel business, resolving the queries of the travelers rapidly is of utmost importance and online travel booking systems help the company achieve just that. The potential travelers can easily navigate through the system, find a suitable holiday product to book, make payment easily using different UPIs and get speedy reply on any queries during the travel.

Travel agent systems have certainly enabled the travel agencies all over the globe to target specific audience and offer exceptional and cost efficient travel products and services to the customers, and in the process, provided them with opportunity to achieve growth and development in a short period of time.

What is a must-have features of Online booking systems?

The following features online booking systems must have:-

1. Beautiful & attractive Image Gallery
2. Optimizes the potential of your website
3. Provides a detailed booking
4. Social Media Integration
5. Keeps your guest on your own website while making a booking
6. PayPal Payment Options
7. Credit Card Storage Options
8. Visual Calendar
9. Currency and Language Settings
10. Online Support and Phone Support
11.Access to the Cloud
12.Appealing ‘Book Now’ Button
13.Real-Time Booking
14.Keeps it fast and simple so that no special software or downloads are needed for a customer in order to make a booking
15. Provide easy to use administration panels



How much growth travel and tourism industry is expecting in 2017?

The Travel industry has witnessed a massive evolution in the last few years due to the latest advancement in the technology, offering the customers and travel agencies to make a proper interaction with each other during and after the trip. The evolution in the industry has been so drastic in recent years that many would think, it won’t grow at the same rate in 2017 and beyond. However, it is certainly not the case as technology seems to be improving the way we travel more ardently than ever before, giving the industry higher growth expectation in 2017. Below are mentioned some of the areas which may witness a remarkable growth in the travel industry.

  1. Travel technology solutions: With technology developing a clear path for improvement in the travel industry, in 2017, we will witness more of it in the form of On-Cloud travel, ERP solutions, travel management software and much more. In today’s competitive world, technology has given travel companies a way to target their potential audience by offering just the kind of services they actually desire. This is possible due to the introduction of cloud technology in the industry, which has quickened the online booking system and interaction between the customer. Reducing the overall expenses while developing a healthy relationship between the travelers are going to give exceptional growth to travel companies, which has been possible due to the advancement in technology.
  2. Virtual reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR): This is a revolution is travel industry, which is speeding up real quick and perhaps in the near future, used by every travel related companies in order to showcase and market their travel products to engage potential customers. Up until now, virtual reality has only been used for gaming and movie viewing, however, its entrance in the travel industry would allow the companies to give a clear and 3D experience of their travel products such as hotel rooms, sightseeing, cruises, activities, that would persuade them to buy the travel package. Words can only describe how good their services can be, but with augmented reality, the customers can actually experience it while sitting at home. Nothing could be more persuasive than this.
  3. E-Passports: Travel industry is growing incredibly. People are travelling from one country to another more often, which has made the airport staff busy and instensified the security. With E-Passports, travelers can easily carry and showcase their personal information in a form of digital data instead of the real card, which could be lost, causing a great mishap. Virtual passports would also simplify the check in process using a digital photo, offer instant accessibility and save time from custom inspection and immigration.

Other major travel technologies that are helping the industry grow seamlessly include travel bots, voice interface and wearable devices that makes the life of a traveler easier. With such inventions and advancements, the travel industry can show a remarkable growth in 2017 with a considerable amount of increase in the number of travelers, it may take some time to witness the exact effect.