How an effective online travel agent system helps the agency to flourish?

Traveling is an amazing feeling to have. It is one of the most brilliant experiences one could ever get, that is filled with fun and excitement, which starts even before the actual date of travel and homes the mind for years in the form of memories. This is the main reason it is currently one of the most prosperous business industry in the world, which keeps on developing due to the advancement in the Travel Technology. To help the travelers enhance their travelling experience, travel agencies are making immense modifications in their system so that the client gets a satisfactory experience. The most significant benefit the customers receive are mainly through an online booking portal, which is also allowing the travel agency to grow their business profoundly.

Therefore, any travel agency who is committed to provide reliable travel services to their clients, needs to utilize the services of a respected Online Travel Technology provider such as QuadLabs.

An online travel agency solution allows the companies to easily interact with the potential and existing customers, which is not bound by time or geographical area. Customers can easily plan their leisure or travel to other cities or even countries using online travel portal to book their air tickets, hotels, car rentals, sightseeing, and other travel products. There are numerous other ways a travel agent system helps the company derive more profit and grow the business which are mentioned below.

  • Enhance customer engagement: Travel Agencies with Online Portal can target their customers through proper marketing and promotion of their latest offerings. They can engage with their existing customers using email or sms & they can advertise or promote their website on different social media which motivate customers to use their services. Better interaction and engagement is the key for any business to achieve success.
  • Use exceptional features to make a strong presence in the market: A travel agent system, which is developed by an accredited travel technology company after proper research and understanding the requirements of the company, is bound to receive success in the market, due to the involvement of unprecedented features. These features include:
    • SEO: Search Engine Optimization is a technique to increase the ranking of the travel portal on major search engine results. This enhances the visibility of the business, resulting in the growth of the industry.
    • Predict market requirements: In order to provide the most demanding travel solutions to the customers, it is first necessary to understand them. With an efficient travel portal, the company can identify the market demand well and make essential modifications in their system.
    • Quick customer service: Probably the most important element that contributes to the growth of the organization is the customer service. It needs to be fast, reliable and easily accessible, which online travel portals offer to the customers.
  • Competitive approach: In order to survive in the market, it is essential to keep a close eye on the competitors and make changes in your latest offerings to attract more customers, which can be done using travel portals.

QuadLabs have done several global deployments across Europe, South America, Asia, Middle East, Australia, Indonesia and Africa and is highly adapted by each market.




How does Technology Impact Travel Industry?

One cannot deny the pivotal role Technology plays within the Travel sector.

Our day-to-day lives are made easier through the use of the internet and technology – whether it be on our mobile devices, at home or in the work place using a desktop or laptop. Constant and continuous developments in technology have now made this achievable on a global scale.

It’s seen by many that technology and social media – has created a global village, connecting everybody to everyone, everywhere. Some might argue that using technology has made us less sociable, inhibiting face to face and physical interaction. However, the concept that globalisation and technology allows us to overcome the limitations of physical distance through our finger tips, presents countless opportunities for the travel and tourism industry to flourish.

People travel to distances far and beyond and will continue to travel around the world to experience new things in life and advances in technology are there to influence and inspire this: not prohibit.

Whilst an individual’s travel experience doesn’t necessarily start physically until they arrive at the airport departures or even the destination itself, technology has helped to allow this experience to begin from the moment a person has the aspiration to go somewhere, if not creating that aspiration itself. Experience is the key word – and it’s equally as important for companies to provide a positive experience for customers from the moment they decide to exercise these ideas; from idea and plan to the experience itself as well as post-travel sharing and feedback.

In today’s world, travel agendas rarely rely on trusted word-of-mouth recommendations and physical guidebooks; breakthroughs in digitalisation have given customers independence and choice in a really big way. The main purpose of travel is essentially about connecting – places, people, experiences and memories. One thing that technology does well, is connect things.

Websites, booking platforms, apps and using social media all provide the opportunity to engage and connect with customers on a variety of levels to allow an enhanced travel experience. Now that this information for customers is easily accessible (through various mediums), it inevitably means that it’s important for companies to get smarter and adapt to remain competitive.

In summary, developments in technology have led to big changes in the way that customers use it to enhance their full travel experience. Travel companies must constantly evolve to continue providing their end users development with the best customer experience possible.

What can travel and tourism companies do to keep up?

The answer to that is pretty simple – they must make sure they are utilising the latest technologies available to give customers what they need. A starting point would be to ask the following questions:

  • Is my website easy to navigate?
  • Can my website be used on a mobile device?
  • Does my website use stunning images to inspire travellers?
  • Once a customer has booked their trip – how do they stay in contact with us and access their information?
  • How can they share their experiences with friends/family?

What next?

With many years’ experience in the Travel Technology sector, we at QuadLabs have seen things change and develop first-hand at an incredible speed. Empowering Travel Agents by providing access to affordable Travel Technology and ensuing revenue generation is the motto of QuadLabs. In case you need any help keeping up with the latest technologies, engaging customers and improving the customer experience for your travellers as a whole, please get in touch with us.

QuadLabs is a leading travel technology provider, giving tour operators and travel agencies methods to adapt to these travel trends and increase their business’s potential to get higher return on investment.


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Boost Your Travel Business With B2B and B2C Software

What will a B2C system do?

Our B2C web Booking System offers the correct tools that build the booking method quicker and less complicated for all types of purchasers – company or end-customers. it’s vital code for travel firms worldwide. It’s a easy interface that enables mercantilism travel merchandise to end-customers directly on the travel portal software.

Showcasing a company’s merchandise with B2C integration will be helpful to the business in an exceedingly numerous ways that. in the main the method is developed once it implies an opening for managing and promoting self-travel merchandise.

Inference in an exceedingly shell?

With the appearance of B2B channels, travel workplace will begin making the financial gain from the terribly starting while not tributary abundant on the selling. within the event that they need solid travel agencies code just like the B2B system. Travel offices, suppliers, merchants square measure swing varied techniques in creating and maintaining a solid B2B system, that may be a standout amongst the foremost very important deals channel separated from disconnected from cyberspace bookings, B2C, white mark, XML out Business Management Articles, decision focus and transportable applications. Whereas B2C permits direct client to look, book and pay on-line with none dependency on Travel agents. QuadLabs Technologies is the leading travel technology company that offering these travel booking software yo the travel companies.

How online booking engine makes hotel and Flights booking faster and Convenient

The huge penetration of the Internet has revolutionized the way we use to read books, listen to music, watched movies or how we communicated. Also it has taken the travel and tourism industry by storm.  It has not only fasten the process of finding a list of good destinations, but it has also eliminated the middle level link (agent) from the procedure of booking hotel and flight/train tickets. Nowadays, one can easily login to a travel web portal and can explore various national and international locations online, compare the prices of several flight carriers, check the services of a hotel and read the feedback shared by other users.

An online booking engine makes booking of hotels and flights interactive, faster and cheaper. There are more ways in which it helps travel enthusiasts; read further to know some advantages of online booking engines:

It is faster and more efficient way of booking hotel rooms and air tickets:

Traditional travel agencies have a lengthy and time-consuming reservation process with many middlemen involved in it. It could be really bothering and confusing as you might be talking to more than one person at the agency. But when booking flights/hotels online, you can simple login to the website, scroll through the various available options, compare them on the basis of price range and services and facilities and make a well-informed decision. It is certainly a boon for travellers, especially for those who are frequently on the move and would like to make their travel arrangements within a few clicks. One also gets to know a lot of detailed information on the local areas and sightseeing spots of the chosen location.

Better services at a cheaper rate: This is the most prominent feature of internet booking as you get plethora of options to choose from, you can easily draw a difference between their services, rate and suitability to your purpose (for example: vacation or a business meeting). Also you eliminate a lot of expenses by booking online as you do not have to shell out money for the services of an agent or tour operators. You can get the best of services and even luxuries at the most affordable price as you can even compare different classes and categories of hotels.

Personalisation and customization of travel plans: With online booking engines, travel companies offer their users an opportunity to customize a tour package as per their own preference. Even it can also suggest some packages to the travellers on the queried locations. This feature lets the functioning of online engine to get better over the time as it starts understanding diversified travellers and constantly focus on offering more appropriate and convenient plans.

This innovative booking system has open many growth avenues for the tourism industry. It has integrated convenience with technology while also focusing on user friendliness and easy paying option. But travel companies that plan to go online, they must understand that maintaining an elaborate yet simple portal is the need of the hour.

The transformation of travel industry blended with technology

The latest technological development in the travel industry, widely known as Global Distribution Systems, also known as Automated Reservation System (ARS) that has helped travel agents all over the world. It is a universal computerized reservation network provided in a single point of access in order to book airline tickets, hotels, car rentals and all the other travel products by travel agents using online travel booking system. This new initiative in the travel industry has not only provided numerous benefits to the travel organizations, but also managed to provide cost efficient and easy travel items to the final customer.


However, it is certainly quite difficult for travel organizations to track and handle all the data and information on a regular basis, since one constantly needs to book travel related products, resolve queries of customers on the go, provide necessary details and perform many other responsibilities without any delays. For that purpose, it is recommended to contract a quality and experienced Travel Process Outsourcing company who excels at offering updated travel technology to their customers.

QuadLabs is one of the most reliable travel technology company who performs data analytics and monitor everyday activity, giving the travel companies a better opportunity to enhance their business process and earn greater profits. They allow travel agents and companies to divert their concentration on other important matters while they take care of all the processes regarding the travel bookings and resolving travelers issues. Some of the main functionalities of QuadLabs Travel technology services are as follows:

1. Providing end to end back office data to the travel company

2. Outsourcing travel reservations such as hotel booking, transportation and logistics,

3. Quality check and ticketing

4. Increasing customer satisfaction

5. Resolving queries of customers

6. Checking duplicate bookings

7. Contract management

Travel technology solutions is not only a cost efficient process, but also quite effective when it comes to performance. With global technologies, real time audio/video communication and outstanding working environment, it offers great versatility in the travel business and help them to cut costs and increase sales by a great margin.

Furthermore, they also handle front and back office processes, which directly deals with the customers and administrator. It offers great insights of the behavior of the customer and gives ideas on what measure need to be taken in order to improve efficiency and sales. Thus, if you are also looking to open a travel agency, then it is highly advisable that you outsource your travel process as it could be really stressful and frustrating to handle and operate all the travel operations by yourself. It could only lead to improper travel management, extra cost and customer dissatisfaction.

There are many trustworthy travel technology industries are available who offers high quality travel process outsourcing to travel agents in order to improve their online travel booking system. However, none are as competitive and trustworthy as QuadLabs, who have over 9 years of experience in helping travel industries to provide better services to their travelers and are known to provide unique and highly reliable travel technology solutions to their clients.

How Travel Technology Enhance Travel Business?

A few years ago, planning a holiday might have entailed a visit to the local travel agent or for the more adventurous traveller armed with a guidebook, relying on trusted word-of-mouth recommendations to set their travel agenda. Today, thanks to breakthroughs in technology and high-speed internet, travellers can book their own flight and hotels online, choose to stay in a complete stranger’s house, and rather than entering any unfamiliar restaurant with apprehensions about quality of food, search online reviews on their mobile device while connected to the hotel Wi-Fi.

In the digital age, we’ve become a generation of DIY travellers who plan, manage and book travel online. So what has this transformation meant for businesses in the travel industry?
For travel agents, the rise of digitalisation has severely disrupted the industry. Traditional travel distribution in which high street travel agencies played a dominant role was revolutionised with online travel agencies and direct distribution through airlines and hotels’ websites acquiring a key role.
LCC and online travel companies were the clear winner of the online travel revolution over the past many years, they changed the way today consumers plan and book their trips. Tour operators suffered the rise of independent travel and are today embracing the online and mobile channels in order to stay competitive. While the internet killed off many high street travel agents, others have been forced to adapt to a very changing marketplace, with many embracing the internet by introducing online bookings.
Change and Upgrade in Technology has presented new set of opportunities for small businesses in the travel sector, allowing consumers worldwide to stumble across say a B&B in Paris or luxury safari park in Kenya through online review sites, social media and the businesses’ own websites.
“We pivoted from a hotel guidebook to become an online travel agent just as the internet started to become a place people could finally trust with their credit cards,” says Mr Mahmoudi. “In the whole of that first month online we did 10 bookings – now we do 300 a day.” While he says the business changed its model due to internet and allows online bookings, it still runs 24/7 customer service support via phones for people who want that human element.

For travel companies it’s meant they have to get smarter and adapt as the end user’s expectations rise. Take airlines, some of which now allow passengers to check-in online, access their boarding pass on mobile and operate Wi-Fi on flights.

Technology has transformed every phase of hospitality – from finding a hotel, to checking in, to unlocking your door and personalising your stay. As travel is inherently mobile, travellers expect to use their mobile devices to enrich their travel experiences.

So how will technology shape the future of travel? The coming future will see travellers requiring an increasingly personalised service, with companies able to suggest them customised products on the basis of their profiles and past behaviour. With many travellers already seeking a more customised and local experience, truly personalised trips are already beginning to take off.

QuadLabs is one such leading travel technology provider with over a decade of experience and committed to delivering the best solutions for every company’s travel needs and increasing their business profitability by boosting their sales. They have helped numerous travel agencies and companies in developing and enhancing their travel management system and enjoy a constant business growth.


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What is the solution for a TMC to take care of varied request coming from their corporates?

Travel management companies offer their services to both individuals and corporate to book their travel as they master the art of managing different kinds of travel at any location of the world. However, when it comes to business travel, there are many issues that may occur for the TMC companies as corporate travel demands varying requests that includes alterations in flight timings, immediate car rentals, food and security, etc. In order to take care of such requests at any time of the day, TMC can use the services of travel technology that is Travel Management Solution.

So, how come travel management companies can provide better corporate travel solutions using travel technology?

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