How does Technology Impact Travel Industry?

One cannot deny the pivotal role Technology plays within the Travel sector.

Our day-to-day lives are made easier through the use of the internet and technology – whether it be on our mobile devices, at home or in the work place using a desktop or laptop. Constant and continuous developments in technology have now made this achievable on a global scale.

It’s seen by many that technology and social media – has created a global village, connecting everybody to everyone, everywhere. Some might argue that using technology has made us less sociable, inhibiting face to face and physical interaction. However, the concept that globalisation and technology allows us to overcome the limitations of physical distance through our finger tips, presents countless opportunities for the travel and tourism industry to flourish.

People travel to distances far and beyond and will continue to travel around the world to experience new things in life and advances in technology are there to influence and inspire this: not prohibit.

Whilst an individual’s travel experience doesn’t necessarily start physically until they arrive at the airport departures or even the destination itself, technology has helped to allow this experience to begin from the moment a person has the aspiration to go somewhere, if not creating that aspiration itself. Experience is the key word – and it’s equally as important for companies to provide a positive experience for customers from the moment they decide to exercise these ideas; from idea and plan to the experience itself as well as post-travel sharing and feedback.

In today’s world, travel agendas rarely rely on trusted word-of-mouth recommendations and physical guidebooks; breakthroughs in digitalisation have given customers independence and choice in a really big way. The main purpose of travel is essentially about connecting – places, people, experiences and memories. One thing that technology does well, is connect things.

Websites, booking platforms, apps and using social media all provide the opportunity to engage and connect with customers on a variety of levels to allow an enhanced travel experience. Now that this information for customers is easily accessible (through various mediums), it inevitably means that it’s important for companies to get smarter and adapt to remain competitive.

In summary, developments in technology have led to big changes in the way that customers use it to enhance their full travel experience. Travel companies must constantly evolve to continue providing their end users development with the best customer experience possible.

What can travel and tourism companies do to keep up?

The answer to that is pretty simple – they must make sure they are utilising the latest technologies available to give customers what they need. A starting point would be to ask the following questions:

  • Is my website easy to navigate?
  • Can my website be used on a mobile device?
  • Does my website use stunning images to inspire travellers?
  • Once a customer has booked their trip – how do they stay in contact with us and access their information?
  • How can they share their experiences with friends/family?

What next?

With many years’ experience in the Travel Technology sector, we at QuadLabs have seen things change and develop first-hand at an incredible speed. Empowering Travel Agents by providing access to affordable Travel Technology and ensuing revenue generation is the motto of QuadLabs. In case you need any help keeping up with the latest technologies, engaging customers and improving the customer experience for your travellers as a whole, please get in touch with us.

QuadLabs is a leading travel technology provider, giving tour operators and travel agencies methods to adapt to these travel trends and increase their business’s potential to get higher return on investment.


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Impact of travel technology in travel and tourism industry

Technology has played an important role in achieving economic growth by garnering economic means for consumers to travel. The development and contribution of air travel as a means of transporting tourists to different locations is an important contribution of technology to the tourism and travel industry. The significant development of low cost carriers is another means of successful technological applications to the tourism and travel industry.

The tourism industry is often defined as the sectored system of innovation and production. This sectored system in tourism is extremely complex; given the fact that the tourism products and actors changes due to changes in the external forces. The evolvement and progress of information technology has therefore had a tremendous impact in tourism.

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What is the importance of Online Travel Booking System for Travel Management?

Travel management is an effective term for any business organization, which includes balancing their employees travel need in order to obtain business objectives. Business all over the world constantly requires to send their employees to different cities and countries for various important projects that would help the company to boost their sales and profitability. It is a fact that managing travel of business personnel’s is a very tedious and hectic task, which involves booking hotels, car rentals, flights and taking care of their business needs at every given time. Thus, every company requires to have an efficient travel management platform, if they wish to make their corporate travel a major success.

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Is online booking system more convenient as compare to conventional booking engine?

In this modern age of technology, people prefer to book their travel products such as hotels, flights, car rentals, etc online. It offers the much needed convenience and ease which is not possible in the conventional way of booking where the customer would require to take an appointment with the travel agency in order to book their holiday. However, with conventional internet booking engine, even though this issue may have been put aside for most of the part, it still offers less benefits than online booking system.

Conventional booking engine allows the travel company to showcase their travel packages to the customers along with the travel products of other companies as well, thus, giving you a stiff competition. It divides the market share, allowing the company to reduce their overall earnings. But with online booking system, one can ensure that the potential customer only visit your website and choose your services without facing any rivalry. Some other benefits of using online booking system rather the conventional booking engine are as follows:

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Empowering tour operators with travel technology

Alteration in any form of technology is done to provide flexibility and better features to the people using it, whether we talk about educational technology, automotive technology or business oriented technology. Each technology has its advantages and drawbacks, which is upgraded regularly to overcome the obstacles and offer more convenience to the user. The same thing can be said for travel technology, which since its emergence, has come a long way in offering high end solutions to travel agencies and the end user.

Tour operators all over the world are making effective use of travel technology solutions in order to increase their sales by proffering cost efficient and remarkable holiday booking facilities to their customers in the midst of great competition. But, how exactly these tour agencies are benefiting from using the travel technology? Below are given different types of tour operators and features of travel technology they are using to attract more visitors in their respective fields.

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QuadLabs, an award winning travel technology platform for B2B Reseller, Tour Operator and Business Travel intermediaries

2_QuadLabs a travel technology.jpg

QuadLabs Technologies has been a powerful platform for many travel agents and tour operators for the last decade with its world class Travel ERP technology, giving B2B resellers a better opportunity to provide comprehensive travel solutions to both individuals and business companies. QuadLabs is a leading travel technology solution provider and a winner of ‘World’s Leading Travel ERP Technology Provider for 2015 and 2016’.QuadLabs excels at offering the most enthusiastic and dedicated technological solutions to business travel needs.

Travel technology is a very fast growing field used by numerous travel agents and business travel intermediaries in order to boost their sales and profitability. QuadLabs offers them such technological help by giving them better travel agency booking software, travel booking system and much more to manage their travel bookings, track their inventory and business processes, etc. Every travel company requires to have a better travel booking system that would help them and their customers to arrange their hotel bookings, flight reservations, car rentals, holiday packages and many more at any given point of time with no trouble at all. Having an irresponsible and unreliable travel agency booking software can result in great loss of possible customers and of course sales.

For a B2B reseller, QuadLabs technology helps them to manage their distribution channels and employees. It also helps them to manage their travel reservations and travel products which they can resell to other travel agencies for a greater profit.

Some of the benefits B2B reseller can get from QuadLabs are as follows:

  1. B2B agent dashboard
  2. Front office support
  3. Back office support
  4. Mid office system
  5. Credit and deposited policy
  6. MIS reporting and dashboard
  7. E-wallet for payments
  8. Booking management
  9. Service fee management
  10. Post sales support
  11. Rearranging bookings
  12. Resolving queries

They provide a comprehensive travel management system which processes bookings at multiple point of sales, enhances the relationship between the company and the customer. With QuadLabs travel agency booking software, the tour operator will get a quality front desk or travel desk to better interact with their customers. Other features include significant admin panel for proper business management, connection with negotiated inventories, auto invoicing, third party integration, B2B2B and B2B2C labels for affiliates and subagents, inbuilt GDS and many more.

There are many travel technology providers available out there, but none are as competent and reliable as QuadLabs Travel technology due to its highly innovative features, business processes and ability to help other travel companies to sell their travel products in a very easy and flexible manner. They understand the requirements of the business way too well and offer the most suitable help possible to boost their profit. They are master in identifying the areas in a travel industry, which are lagging the company behind and knows very well to resolve them in a quick span of time and surely at a very reasonable price. Therefore, if you are also an aspiring travel agent company or a B2B reseller in the field, then it would be wise to engage services of QuadLabs.


Is Midoffice automate travel operations, processes, sales and reconciliation?


Booking engines support us to earn profit on sales, being a travel agent you can easily update prices and offers, depending onto the market conditions. However, there is always a need to integrate systems installed at different places to manage all bookings received.

MidOffice is a “Central Booking Handling Interface” wherein bookings are received different sale channels and processed till the final document is delivered to the customer. These sales channels are distinct or multiple and have a defined role to play, MidOffice takes the responsibility of integrating systems like Booking Engine and third party tools.

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