How Travel technology plays an important role in growth of tourism?

In recent years’ technology has played a very important role in revolutionizing the travel industry. Significant economic growth has been achieved for countries by improving the travel experience of tourists in their countries. Improvement in travel technology has also led to an exponential increase in travellers who now feel comfortable traveling to global locations. Innovation in air travel technology has helped airlines to run at low costs thereby improving the travel experience of commuters. The evolution of information technology has further enhanced the travel experience by bringing all necessities in smart devices. Even Online booking systems, travel apps etc. are easily accessible without any hassle. Travel technology has really changed the way people commute nowadays.

Everything is available online on the internet nowadays. Travel technology innovations have helped the tourism industry in the following ways:

  1. Online Booking systems: The invention of the internet acted as a catalyst in growing multiple industries including the tourism industry. Web applications led to the development of travel booking systems that people can open at the convenience of their home and plan their travel without any hassle. These portals are user-friendly, cost-effective, and safe to be used. They allow commuters to book flights, hotels, cabs, travel packages etc. with the click of just one button. It is very simple to manage one’s entire travel plan on these portals as everything is available in one place.
  2. Real-time booking: The information technology has enabled connections across the globe. Features like NDC etc. help in getting real-time information about the current status of services provided on many online booking systems. This helps in hassle-free booking without any fear of booking cancelations. Having real-time information on services like flight tickets, hotel availability, airport services, cab booking, air ancillaries etc. help the traveler in the smooth planning of their travel.
  3. Smart device applications: Smartphones are capable of doing almost everything nowadays. Having travel applications on your smart device is very helpful and helps you in booking or tracking your travel details. Services like etickets, taxi booking, hotel availability, route maps, restaurant lists etc. are available on these apps and can be used by a traveler in a foreign location easily. This enhances the travel experience as dependencies are reduced to the bare minimum.
  4. Safe and secure systems: All the transactions on the travel booking systems are safe and secure. These are end-to-end automated and hence keep the traveler’s information safe. Moreover, you can also track your friends and family on their travel trip and reach out to them in case of an emergency. This is a great feature that is very much needed in the current risky world that we live in.

The innovation in the travel technology has changed the way people are now traveling across the world. Online travel booking systems, travel mobile applications, real-time travel management etc. are some of the features that have taken the travel experience to another level. All this technological advancement has led to a boom in the tourism industry.


Author: seoquadlabs

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