Is Midoffice automate travel operations, processes, sales and reconciliation?


Booking engines support us to earn profit on sales, being a travel agent you can easily update prices and offers, depending onto the market conditions. However, there is always a need to integrate systems installed at different places to manage all bookings received.

MidOffice is a “Central Booking Handling Interface” wherein bookings are received different sale channels and processed till the final document is delivered to the customer. These sales channels are distinct or multiple and have a defined role to play, MidOffice takes the responsibility of integrating systems like Booking Engine and third party tools.

MidOffice provides an inbuilt Customer Relationship Management to enhance the efficiency of every customer interaction and customer engagement across all sale channels. It can easily manage all of customers details, past experience and present requirements, orders and invoices. MidOffice provides a user friendly interface to be able to process the virtual booking cards till it delivers to customers. It also defines the commissions or mark

Back office have always been the backbone of travel business. With multiple bookings requesting to get processed, MidOffice offers a comprehensive admin panel for managing the business processes. It provides the administration rights to manage the inventory or define roles of staff or agents across the network.

Following are the features reflecting the functionality Mid Back Office System.

  1. Automated consolidation – One of the most significant functionality of MidOffice is the ability to consolidate information received from suppliers and sales channels.
  2. MidOffice is completely capable of providing information of the distribution of inventory or bookings generated on GDS.
  3. To be able to cope up with the multi currencies threat, it’s always advisable to prefer a system capable of having such feature.
  4. For credit Business operations, MidOffice provides you Credit Control System with GDS’ and subagents as well armed with Credit Control & Alert System.
  5. MidOffice reduces human involvement, its Auto Invoicing facility creates an invoice automatically on the back office system and issues tickets for customers.
  6. The coordination between the back office system and online travel portal is always crucial. MidOffice makes sure that the integration remains intact and results hit on the portals are real time.
  7. One of the distinct features of MidOffice system is to generate automatic billing and settlement reconciliation provided with an option of PDF File to download.
  8. Administrative feature of MidOffice enables complete control over the rights of company’s staff as well as the agencies. It creates and limits the access given to people to be able to work on the bookings.
  9. The integration of Customer relationship management helps save the profiles of travelers. CRM is an integral part of MidOffice.
  10. MidOffice generates day to day reports based on sales, customer and suppliers in order to track down the performance toward the goals of the organization. These reports claim future trends and make you prepare for various situations.

QuadLabs Technologies is premier travel technology company in India. It has an expert team to provide end to end travel technology solutions to its client worldwide including locations US, UK, Brazil, Middle East and many more. One can also contact us for advance software for travel agency, online booking engine, mid office systems, b2b & b2c travel portal systems and many more.


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QuadLAbs Technologies is the world's leading travel technology provider company. QuadLabs offers online booking engine, travel booking software to the travel companies. We specialize in providing most comprehensive travel distribution platform which empowers travel intermediaries, travel management companies, aggregators, distributors, OTAs and tour operators globally which helps boost their travel business revenue. Our Products – • XChange Version 11.6: One of the most comprehensive travel distribution platform for travel intermediaries which helps them to sell across multiple sales channels • B2B Dashboard: Empower travel agents to centrally manage all their B2B agents and subagents. • B2C Online Booking Engine: Provides booking engine functionality for multiple services like Flights, Hotels, Package, Transfer and sightseeing, car, insurance and many more. • Mid Office: Known as “central booking handling interface” where all the bookings and final documents are processed. • Corporate Booking Tool: Offers complete corporate workflow management from enquiry generation booking processing and authorization. • Contract Management & Distribution: Provides independent modules for managing contracts of hotel, sightseeing, transfer and many more. • Flight Inventory Management System: A system to manage and distribute flight inventories through multiple sales channels. • Package Management and Distribution: Helps in managing pre-defined FIT and GIT packages with the combination of different components, services, categories, package type and costing.

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