The transformation of travel industry blended with technology


The latest technological development in the travel industry, widely known as Global Distribution Systems, also known as Automated Reservation System (ARS) that has helped travel agents all over the world. It is a universal computerized reservation network provided in a single point of access in order to book airline tickets, hotels, car rentals and all the other travel products by travel agents using online travel booking system. This new initiative in the travel industry has not only provided numerous benefits to the travel organizations, but also managed to provide cost efficient and easy travel items to the final customer.

However, it is certainly quite difficult for travel organizations to track and handle all the data and information on a regular basis, since one constantly needs to book travel related products, resolve queries of customers on the go, provide necessary details and perform many other responsibilities without any delays. For that purpose, it is recommended to contract a quality and experienced Travel Process Outsourcing company who excels at offering updated travel technology to their customers.

QuadLabs is one of the most reliable travel technology company who performs data analytics and monitor everyday activity, giving the travel companies a better opportunity to enhance their business process and earn greater profits. They allow travel agents and companies to divert their concentration on other important matters while they take care of all the processes regarding the travel bookings and resolving travelers issues. Some of the main functionalities of QuadLabs Travel technology services are as follows:

1. Providing end to end back office data to the travel company
2. Outsourcing travel reservations such as hotel booking, transportation and logistics,
3. Quality check and ticketing
4. Increasing customer satisfaction
5. Resolving queries of customers
6. Checking duplicate bookings
7. Contract management

Travel technology solutions is not only a cost efficient process, but also quite effective when it comes to performance. With global technologies, real time audio/video communication and outstanding working environment, it offers great versatility in the travel business and help them to cut costs and increase sales by a great margin.

Furthermore, they also handle front and back office processes, which directly deals with the customers and administrator. It offers great insights of the behavior of the customer and gives ideas on what measure need to be taken in order to improve efficiency and sales. Thus, if you are also looking to open a travel agency, then it is highly advisable that you outsource your travel process as it could be really stressful and frustrating to handle and operate all the travel operations by yourself. It could only lead to improper travel management, extra cost and customer dissatisfaction.

There are many trustworthy travel technology industries are available who offers high quality travel process outsourcing to travel agents in order to improve their online travel booking system. However, none are as competitive and trustworthy as QuadLabs, who have over 9 years of experience in helping travel industries to provide better services to their travelers and are known to provide unique and highly reliable travel technology solutions to their clients.


Author: seoquadlabs

QuadLAbs Technologies is the world's leading travel technology provider company. QuadLabs offers online booking engine, travel booking software to the travel companies. We specialize in providing most comprehensive travel distribution platform which empowers travel intermediaries, travel management companies, aggregators, distributors, OTAs and tour operators globally which helps boost their travel business revenue. Our Products – • XChange Version 11.6: One of the most comprehensive travel distribution platform for travel intermediaries which helps them to sell across multiple sales channels • B2B Dashboard: Empower travel agents to centrally manage all their B2B agents and subagents. • B2C Online Booking Engine: Provides booking engine functionality for multiple services like Flights, Hotels, Package, Transfer and sightseeing, car, insurance and many more. • Mid Office: Known as “central booking handling interface” where all the bookings and final documents are processed. • Corporate Booking Tool: Offers complete corporate workflow management from enquiry generation booking processing and authorization. • Contract Management & Distribution: Provides independent modules for managing contracts of hotel, sightseeing, transfer and many more. • Flight Inventory Management System: A system to manage and distribute flight inventories through multiple sales channels. • Package Management and Distribution: Helps in managing pre-defined FIT and GIT packages with the combination of different components, services, categories, package type and costing.

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