How can the travel industry influence the capabilities of the Internet of Things to make travel more seamless?

In the past decade, the travel industry has evolved a great deal due to the latest development in travel technology solutions, allowing the travel agencies to provide better travelling experience to the customers. However, Internet of things (IoT) also played a quite significant role in making travel more seamless. Whether it is monitoring different travel products such as the performance of airline engines, to providing secure and keyless access to hotel rooms and helping tourists to locate their way around an unknown city or country, the capabilities of the Internet of things have made the life of both the traveler and travel companies a lot easier.

What is Internet of Things and how it influences the travel industry?

Internet of things refers to the interconnection of different computing devices, also known as connected devices, that include mobile device, electronics, applications, sensors, etc., allowing data transfer from one end to another. By connecting and using these smart devices, the user can get a better insight of the process and get it done more easily and efficiently. Similarly, in the travel industry, which is completely based on hospitality and scheduling, Internet of things helps the travelers and travel companies to enjoy a smooth and secure travel. For instance, having a reliable travel technology system would allow the travel company to book all the necessary services to their travelling needs that include a fine hotel room, flight as per their preference, car rentals, holiday packages, bus bookings, etc.

Travel companies are in lot of pressure to provide cheaper and effective travelling experience to their customers, and due to that, the travel industry has been one of the first movers to Internet of things.

Furthermore, it also helps the travelers to get instant and keyless access to the hotel room, gives them a fair idea of the location and its people, and many more. Since the technology has become cheaper and more powerful, travel industry is enabling the smart devices to get connected with their travel technology system, which helps in maintaining a better communication between the traveler and themselves.

Think of having a very tiring day of sightseeing and while returning to your hotel, you could just send them a notification of your arrival time through app, giving them time to prepare for your room with low temperature, decent lighting and hot served food. Or if you see the business side, you could notify the hotels to arrange a car service or rent the hall for a business meeting while you are away. IoT can also help the hotel staff to keep tab on their customers’ electricity consumption, get notification of any technical error that may occur in the building.

Today, many travel technology companies and travel portal development companies are designing the travel technology system while keeping in mind of the capabilities of Internet of things, so that the travel or hospitality company would be able provide more satisfying and comfortable travelling experience to their customers at a very low price.

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