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How travel management system is an add-on for your corporate travel business?

The corporate travel business is one of the fastest growing businesses in the world where travel agencies provide effective corporate travel management services to employees who want to plan their corporate travel. Regardless to the size of the company, there is always a requirement in the organization for business purpose travel and by having an effective travel management system, the company will be able to offer best services to the clients. With the help of corporate travel management system, the travel agency will be able to automate their business operations and meet all the travel requirements of the businesses. They will be able to manage corporate profile, approval workflow, corporate policy compliances and corporate credit and deposit policy. Therefore having the travel management system will be an add-on for your corporate travel business.

The corporate booking tool would allow the corporate traveller to easily manage their business travel. With the help of self-booking tool, they will be able to book their preferred flights and hotel and get all the necessary amenities related to their business travel which includes car rental, conference room, etc. Some of the features of travel management system for corporate travel business are as below:

  1. Detailed travel records in communication: With corporate booking tool, the corporate traveller will have quick access to the contact and background information of the travel agency in case of an emergency. The employee can easily communicate with the travel agency in order to resolve his or her issue and make their corporate travel a success.
  2. Automatic notification and responses: A travel management system will be able to send automated responses and notification to the corporate travel about their booking so that the employee will receive all the necessary details without interacting with the travel agency. It will also reduce the burden from the travel agency to manually send the notification and reminder emails. It will allow both the traveller and the agency to save time.
  3. Enhanced reporting: Travel management system for corporate travel businesses can also be extremely useful for generating a detailed report of corporate travel. It will provide the employee with a detailed information about the expenses of the business trip with accuracy. These reports will also be created automatically so that the travel agency can save a lot of time in developing advanced reports for the client.
  4. Better control of corporate travel: The corporate travel management system will allow the company to reduce cost and offer the traveller a user-friendly experience by fulfilling their Global Business travel requirements. The system offers a one-stop solution for the travellers and also provide expense management so that they can manage their post trip expenses. The corporate booking tool offers complete control of the corporate travel by offering the right and appropriate travel content the business company require with workflow management, enhanced visibility and real time reporting.

Quadlabs is a renowned and highly reliable Travel Technology service provider who offers best travel Management Solutions for travel agencies and business travellers through their responsive and high quality corporate booking tool.




Benefits of online travel platform for Travel Management Companies over manual processes

Managing the travel arrangements for corporate travellers is always important for the corporate and its travel management company. An easy to use platform that is accessible anytime from anywhere in the world. It provides comfort and ease to the business traveller and ensure that traveller has his focus on the trip and not on the travel arrangements.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to hire the services of corporate travel management companies instead of arranging the travel for the employees on your own.

With rapidly emerging technology in the travel industry, business travel management companies are also getting ahead in offering the best possible travel experience to the corporate travellers which was not possible a few years ago. With the popularization of online travel platform, the corporate travel management companies can now provide extensive and uninterrupted service to the traveller due to the elimination of manual processing. With wide coverage and other internet facilities, TMCs can not only help the business organization to book flights and hotels for their employees during their business trip at any place all over the world but also tracks the employee location during the trip as duty of care. This allows the business traveller not to have any kind of difficulties during his or her trip.

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Why is travel technology highly important for New and established travel agency?

Today, technology plays a very important role in tourism and hospitality industry as it allows both the travel companies and customers to interact with each other without any hindrances. Travel technology consists of various elements that helps tour operators of both small and large scale to operate freely and efficiently. It provides the customers and businesses with enormous benefits that ranges from communication, reservations and service systems. Therefore, we can state that travel technology solutions is highly important for new and established travel agency, and if they want to achieve their organizational goals, they need to utilize travel technology system fluently.

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Why innovation and enhancement are key components of online travel technology?

The 21st-century customer is extremely smarter than previous generations and does not want to compromise with the quality of service they receive. In this technologically advanced world, the customer now has all the access to the information related to any industry which is also the case with the travel industry. The travel Technology industry has certainly made the life of a Traveler a lot easier after providing them various benefits and convenience. In earlier times, travelers are required to visit the tour operator in order to book their holiday packages. They have to go through with the price, service and quality offered by the travel agency. But now traveler can easily find a relevant and cost efficient holiday package through online booking, without stepping out.

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Why travel ERP on cloud solution is important for online travel industry?

Enterprise Resource Planning is an important aspect for any business industry and the same can be said for the travel industry. Travel ERP software allows the travel agency to perform more using less resources including money and human effort. It offers flexibility, higher agility and visibility to the agency by reducing their overall costs, increasing efficiency and enhancing the customer satisfaction. This helps the company to remain viable and competitive which is necessary to sustain a good position in the market. Some of the functions travel ERP software help the travel agencies to perform include customer engagement, sales and marketing, integrating multiple business processes, HRM and billing. However, one of the best innovations in the ERP for travel industry is the Cloud ERP Solution.

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How tour operators and travel agents boost their businesses?

Travel industry is a challenging sector as the competition in the market is huge. There are various online travel agents in the market, offering reliable and best travel booking services, which decreases market share for many. Most of the travel agencies offer travel booking services but do not give importance to marketing which result in low business. Even, in off seasons, adopting marketing strategies can help them in increasing the efficiency of the business. People like to go different places and willing to spend money on touring to beautiful places.

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How Travel Management System by QuadLabs helps TMC to grow?

For any corporate or business travel management company TMC, having a profound and responsive travel management system can prove to be highly effective and beneficial for the business. A reliable corporate booking tool would allow the travel agency to provide appropriate, quick and flexible travel-related products, enabling the business traveler to have a safe, successful and satisfying business trip. There are many travel technology companies out there who can develop a client and result oriented travel management system as per the needs and requirements of the business travel company. But when it comes to timely delivery, quality and 24/7 customer support, no one comes near QuadLabs, which is a multiple award-winning travel technology organization.

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