Is online booking system more convenient as compare to conventional booking engine?

In this modern age of technology, people prefer to book their travel products such as hotels, flights, car rentals, etc online. It offers the much needed convenience and ease which is not possible in the conventional way of booking where the customer would require to take an appointment with the travel agency in order to book their holiday. However, with conventional internet booking engine, even though this issue may have been put aside for most of the part, it still offers less benefits than online booking system.

Conventional booking engine allows the travel company to showcase their travel packages to the customers along with the travel products of other companies as well, thus, giving you a stiff competition. It divides the market share, allowing the company to reduce their overall earnings. But with online booking system, one can ensure that the potential customer only visit your website and choose your services without facing any rivalry. Some other benefits of using online booking system rather the conventional booking engine are as follows:

  1. 24/7 service facility: Customers can make bookings any time of the day from your system, allowing your business to operate 24 hours a day, thus increasing the chances of sales and revenue.
  2. Maximize your reservations: You can easily maximize your reservations without worrying about anyone else taking your customers. Moreover, the possibilities of a no-show in hotels are reduced greatly.
  3. Manage your bookings easily: Without the interference of a mediator, you can easily modify or cancel your bookings, if a customer request one. With specifically designed hotel booking software by the best travel technology company, the customer will get an easy cancellation service and fast refund. The same can be said about the flight booking engine.
  4. Provide better service: The most important thing a customer in tourism business want is better service and satisfaction, which you can provide without being tied to the phone. You can resolve the doubts and queries of the customer online and spend your time on other important matters.
  5. Maintain a healthy communication: Online booking system also allows the travel agency to maintain healthy relationship with their customers through intact and direct communication. The customer won’t have to deal with a booking engine’s helpline number to get to you as they can directly contact you online.
  6. Offer better discounts: With specifically designed hotel booking software and flight booking engine, you can offer better discounts to your regular customers as compared to conventional booking engine who offers the same discount to all their users. Another way to reach a wider audience and increase your sales.

Travel technology companies like QuadLabs can aid you in developing a reliable and user friendly online booking system that appeals to the user by meeting all of their expectations. They understand the importance of having a separate online system that redirects the potential customer to the website rather than leading to other conventional booking engines. They research and analyze your potential customers and market in order to develop a worthy and appropriate engine for your travel agency.

How travel Technology Solutions Can Help Travel industry to Grow?

In this world of technological advancement, every business industry is benefitting greatly as it helps in attracting more and more customers and provide them with the best and satisfactory services to increase the productivity and sales. When it comes to travel and tourism industry, the benefit it offers cannot go unnoticed.  Today, the entire travel and tourism industry is depended on technology as it helps the travel agencies to easily connect with their customers and promote their travel products. This is the main reason many travel agencies and tour operators are appointing the services of Travel technology provider, who offers valuable services to the travel agencies that assist them in maintaining a healthy relationship with their customers. QuadLabs is one such company that provides travel technology solutions to the needy agencies. They are known as one of the top travel technology companies in the world and have won several top awards for their unmatchable services.

How these travel technology companies helps travel industry to grow?

The tourism industry, which can also be referred as serving industry, needs to promote, encourage and serve the tourists in a right manner. Any kind of disability to maintain order or provide dissatisfaction can lead to a great harm to the entire industry, which is possible if proper communication isn’t maintained. Travel technology helps the companies to keep the communication active with the tourists during their trip so that essential facilities such as car rentals, tour guides, security, cash conversion, etc. can be provided to them instantly. As long as the tourist is able to interact with the respective travel agency through different devices like mobiles, they feel relieved while roaming around a new city.

Travel technology also enables the companies to uphold a strong relationship with their customers. By advertising their new campaigns and travel packages, they can reach a wider audience along with their previous customers and offer them further discounts for being a loyal customer. Furthermore, by providing them reliable services, they make a strong pact with the tourists who would sure to appoint their services again. By using email advertising, mobile advertising, applications,  and websites, one can promote their new travel products to appeal to new and existing customers.

Another way how travel technology is helping the travel industry to grow is by offering the customer with ease and convenience while booking their holiday packages and other travel products. One of the main reasons for the growth of any industry is the comfort offered to their customers. In travel and tourism, providing online booking system where the customer can search and book flights, hotels, transportation, tour packages, etc. themselves and according to their preference, allows them to appreciate the technology and how it has made their life simpler. Online booking also include discounts and offers by different banks and travel agency themselves, which helps the travelers to book the travel product at a very affordable price.

QuadLabs is a leading travel technology company in the world and provides the most reliable and trustworthy travel technology solutions to the agencies so that they can increase their sales and revenue.


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How Cloud Secure Your Travel Companies

Cloud Computing is the delivery of computing services which offers many services such as servers, storage, database, networking, software, and analytics. The companies which deal in these computing services are known as cloud providers and they charge for cloud computing services  based on usage. QuadLabs is one of the most successful and leading cloud computing travel technology provider in the world, known to aid numerous travel agencies in developing a system that offers better flexibility and reliability.

Travel Companies are managing travel software with cloud computing. This is the best solution as it improves productivity with less cost and it helps in expanding business prospects.  Companies in the travel industry can save money with the flexibility of the cloud.

Uses of cloud computing

The first cloud computing services are decade old, but now it is available in online service to send email, edit documents, watch movies or TV, listen to music, play games or store pictures and other files. Here is a list of few things which can be done by cloud computing

  • Make new apps and services
  • Store, back up and recover data
  • Host websites and blogs
  • Stream audio and video
  • Deliver software on demand
  • Analyze data for patterns and make predictions

Many organizations are using it as from startup to global corporations, government agencies to non-profit organizations.

Companies are opting for cloud computing method as it helps them  maximize their potentialities with on cloud travel erp solutions for their business. The companies are looking for wholesale ERP software and On-Premises software which is referred to as software applications installed on-location in a client owned server. It requires a high initial investment due to its need to acquire a license software also.

Features of the most successful on cloud Travel ERP solutions

  • First cloud hosted travel ERP
  • One time set up fee and monthly user license fee
  • Free upgrades lifetime
  • It helps in minimizes the investment cost
  • Easy and quick to deploy
  • Includes upkeep, hosting and free upgrades
  • Its partners are Amazon, Rackspace and net magic

How ERP Software Benefits the Travel Industry?

On cloud Travel ERP system automatically upgrades the various business operations and this function of ERP has made it popular among big and small companies. This software has made its place in profit and non-profit organizations as it reduces the hard work and solves the problems in no time.

Some of the benefits of ERP in the travel industry are as follows-

  • This software offers data deduplication, which helps in reducing the storage overheads and improves the accuracy of the data.
  • This software provides accurate reports from sales averages to conversion rates. This allows travel companies to manage cash flow, create marketing campaigns and cut costs across their organizations.
  • It gives the facility to create work schedules, handle payroll information and ensure the staff distribution according to the requirement of the work.

On cloud Travel ERP System requires a large upfront and current funds to purchase and manage the  software and it also manages the hardware, which helps the software to run on it. Cloud Computing serves multiple functions to the travel company and it has gained its popularity among them over a period of time. Software has made its worth across all industries. Give QuadLabs a chance to upgrade your travel system to cloud based and you will see a considerable growth in your productivity with less budget.


Impact of a Corporate Booking Tool on the travel agency business

Travel agents today are in a dilemma as online booking tools have cropped up everywhere. As they offer regular travellers the opportunity to search from a range of potential suppliers in order to find the best offer possible. This leads to many companies exploring niche markets in an effort to create new business opportunities, with a particular focus being placed on the corporate market.

The new corporate travel agent places focus on the level of service that they can provide, ensuring that they make use of a modern corporate booking tool (CBT) in order to help business clients with the various issues that surround their journey. There are a number of ways that this has had an effect on the travel agency that business.


The cost of booking travel has changed substantially, with prices increasing in agencies where corporate booking solutions (CBT) have been adopted. This change is attributed to corporate travel agents as they tend to charge per Passenger Name Record (PNR), rather than via each ticket that has been issued.

While this may seem like a fairly minor difference at first, it is important to note that a PNR not only contains information about the passenger’s ticket, but also information relating to their itinerary and the various fees related to the traveller’s trip. All of this information must be stored on a database that needs to be maintained, which also adds to the cost of incorporating a CBT into the existing travel agency model.

Unlike others, this model also allows for a much more personalised service to be offered in relation to business travel, as the company can now pull records related to the traveller, making changes where needed while also gaining an instant understanding of their itinerary and what needs to be done in order to ensure all of their requirements are met.

The corporate travel using CBT offers a level of convenience and service that is hard to find through a regular travel agent and almost impossible to find with an online booking service. Initially it appears a little restrictive, the introduction of CBTs has opened up an entire niche in the travel industry, with corporate travel now becoming a major concern for travel agencies that wish to stay ahead of the pack.

Branding and Reach

Travog, is one such Corporate Booking Tool that QuadLabs offers is available as a package that can be branded to the specific business travel agency that is using them, which offers corporate travel agency a level of reach that they may not have been able to achieve using their more traditional methods.

Solutions like Travog provide a range of services to travel agencies. They offer access to hotels and other organisations that are part of the corporate travel package. It also allows for the travel agency to brand itself around the model. Travog, the platform provided by QuadLabs is particularly useful for corporate travel agents who don’t maintain a dedicated web presence, as it offers them many of the advantages of a corporate website, with much less of the work.

CBTs like QuadLabs Travog are increasingly common in the corporate travel environment means that a level of trust can be created between the travel agency and the traveller simply due to the fact that the agency makes use of a trustworthy CBT. The traveller is assured that their arrangements will be made using a renowned package, with the agency being able to focus on the personal relationships they build with their business clients as a result. This allows for the maintenance of existing clients, in addition to the branding and reach offered by such packages ensuring that new clients are rarely far behind.

Working a Niche

To adopt a CBT a travel agency will often need to focus completely towards a corporate clientele. The cost of using the CBT, many of which run on a subscription model based around the number of users and amount of services provided by the package, require its use. Some companies feel the pinch to advertise solely towards corporate travel, placing less of a focus on regular travel.

This is not necessarily a bad thing, as the world of online booking has already eaten away at much of the business that traditional travel agencies have enjoyed for so many years. Talking about Business travel, it is much more based around the service provided, rather than how cheaply you can get the flights and accommodation. Countless travel agencies have now repurposed/specialized themselves so that they become dedicated to offering services to corporate customers, while perhaps placing less focus on traditional travel packages.

The Final Word

So how have corporate booking solutions impacted the traditional Travel agency? Some travel agencies are uncomfortable paying an added cost, particularly if they do not want to focus their services around business travel, they have also opened up a niche in the industry. Software solutions like Travog, make it easier for agents to satisfy the travellers that fit into that niche, offering them a complete package that allows the agent to fully satisfy the requirements of the traveller, without the agent having to develop the package for themselves.

Technological solutions like Travog, have helped bring many travel agencies into the digital age without requiring them to compete directly, or become a part of, many of the online booking tools that exist solely to compare prices and find the cheapest travel. Many companies which focus on corporate travel, take advantage of this new niche thanks to the increased capabilities offered to them by the CBT. They allow for increased reach and positive branding, at a cost that may be lower over a large period of time than incorporating a home-grown system. It must be noted, they also require a level of dedication to the service that some traditional travel agents may still be uncomfortable providing.

QuadLabs travel technology system help these travel agents and tour operators to organize and keep track of their bookings, business processes and front and back office data in a systematic manner, thus providing utmost satisfaction to the traveler regardless of the type of the travel. They are highly specialized and reliable travel technology provider who plays a very important role in maintaining a healthy relationship between the travel company and the customer for years.

How travel management companies can increase their sales?

Points of sales for travel management company

Travel technology has helped numerous travel management companies in enhancing their growth in sales by providing new and innovative solutions to generate more profits. This involves developing user friendly and groundbreaking website with exceptional online booking engine, payment gateway and other important features for better user experience. However, when it comes to offering travelling solutions to corporate, there are several things that an online travel agent needs to consider in order to increase their sales as managing travels for business isn’t as easy task.

Every commercial business consider three main factors before choosing a travel management company for their corporate travel, which are — The Cost, The Convenience and The amenities. Hence, in order to increase corporate travel sales, online travel agents must provide these features to a commercial company. Even though very few in numbers, corporate travel is a very lucrative segment of the accommodation sector as more than 35% of hotel revenue are derived from business travel. Therefore, corporate travel agent need to make sure the business personnel travelling does not have any kind of hindrance along the way, whether it is his/her accommodation, travelling to and fro from hotel, foods, and any other needs.

Here are mentioned some of the ways a corporate travel agent can attract more businesses and contribute to their overall sales.

· Offer competitive corporate rates: Cost involved is the top priority for businesses before making a decision to choose a travel management company. There are various corporate travel agencies out there offering the same services as you, so why should your clients choose you over them? The best answer would be to provide better services at a lower price. Make use of complimentary offers, discounts or other value added services to lure the clients. Highlight your benefits, products and services and advertise yourself in social media network and other platforms to let them know your existence and offerings.

· Quality Services: The last thing a business would want is to give their traveler obstacles that would interfere with their business meetings. Make sure to provide all the necessities to the traveler in the package such as a quality accommodation ideal for office related work with minimum interruption and fast broadband connection, car rentals to help him/her travel up and down from important places, good quality food, and gadgets to ensure the personnel can easily interact with local people and navigate to places easily.

· Be technically advanced: Travel technology has changed the way people travel these days with effective online booking engine and mobile applications. In order to attract more business clients, make sure to be technically advanced compared to your competitors. Provide the business traveler with an easy way to communicate with you if any issue may arise. Maintain an uninterrupted connection with the traveler through mobile devices and provide all the necessary help required to offer the best travelling experience.

Empowering tour operators with travel technology

Alteration in any form of technology is done to provide flexibility and better features to the people using it, whether we talk about educational technology, automotive technology or business oriented technology. Each technology has its advantages and drawbacks, which is upgraded regularly to overcome the obstacles and offer more convenience to the user. The same thing can be said for travel technology, which since its emergence, has come a long way in offering high end solutions to travel agencies and the end user.

Tour operators all over the world are making effective use of travel technology solutions in order to increase their sales by proffering cost efficient and remarkable holiday booking facilities to their customers in the midst of great competition. But, how exactly these tour agencies are benefiting from using the travel technology? Below are given different types of tour operators and features of travel technology they are using to attract more visitors in their respective fields.

Inbound tour operators

Since inbound tour operators or receptive tour operators provide travelers from outside countries to travel one or multiple destinations in their country, there are many ways travel technology solutions can help them attract more foreign tourists.

By using a specifically designed tour operator software, it would be extremely easy for an inbound tour operator to manage their tour bookings, accounting and back office through multiple distribution channels. First of all, in order to sell the product of their country to another country, marketing on a large scale needs to be done. A tour operator software will help you target your audience by showcasing them your country’s elegant and magnificent sites to roam, which will increase their interest and compel them to visit your website and then your country.

And with exclusively designed and attractive holiday packages, powerful content management along with highly convenience online booking engine, selling your product to a foreign traveler would be a piece of cake.

Outbound tour operators

Unlike the receptive tour operators, outbound tour operators send travelers from the country they operate to foreign countries, and to increase their productivity and sales, proper utilisation of tour booking softwares is greatly demanded. There are thousands of people looking to travel abroad and in order to sell your product to them, you need to offer an exceptional and affordable holiday package. Abroad travels are always a costly affair, nonetheless, people still wish to travel foreign countries with their loved ones. With right advertisement and multiple platform to book the package that is unique in more than one way can increase your chances of sales.

Furthermore, offering passport creation and visa applications included in the package can attract the travelers’ interest as travelling abroad requires a hectic schedule to cover.

Moreover, travel technology system also help these travel agents and tour operators to organize  and keep track of their bookings, business processes and front and back office data in a systematic manner, thus providing utmost satisfaction to the traveler regardless of the type of the travel. It plays a very important role in maintaining a healthy relationship between the travel company and the customer for years.


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What happens when travel meets technology?

Technology has had a great impact on our everyday life, which is continually evolving at a rapid speed. However, when it comes to travel, it has offered a broader assistance to travelers, which is certainly beyond description. In earlier times, people used to travel with no technological support, which lead them to many troubles that includes extra expenses. But, since the technology has taken over our era for the good with travel technology companies, such as QuadLabs, giving their remarkable assistance to many travel agencies, travelling has now much easier and hassle free than ever before, making the people explore numerous exotic places frequently without any more worries. Let’s talk about some facts on what happens when travel meets technology.
1. Technology allows people to be connected with loved ones: One of the most important benefit one can enjoy when travel meets technology is being thoroughly connected with family and friends regardless of the place you visit. It is quite hard to leave them when you go for a vacation. Technology helps you share your experiences with them through many mediums such as social media networks where you could send your pictures and videos and let them know that you are doing fine.
2. Get luxurious and quality accommodation and flights at a very low price: With technology, people can easily search for their preferred hotels, flights, holiday plans and other travel products at a very low price due to heavy discounts and promotions. Every traveler who has been a member of any online travel agency gets personal promotion codes and exclusive offers, which they can use to get the best deal possible for their vacation.
3. Change your holiday plans in real time: While travelling, many a times people revert their original plans due to less time, higher rates and other inconveniences. Travel technology help travelers to reschedule their holiday plans as per their preferences in real time. This allows the person to cancel their hotel bookings at zero or minimal cancellation charges, get travelling means within a short period of time or choose destinations to visit which are important while omitting the ones with less priorities.
4. Search for the best places and interact with local peopleAnother benefit travelers get from technology while travelling is they won’t get any difficulty in exploring the local areas and interacting with local people as they can get all the necessary details such as ‘top places to visit’ and local language easily.
There are many travel agencies out there offering all the latest assistance to people who wish to visit different places, both domestic and international, for various reasons such as business travel, family vacation or romantic getaways. And quality travel management company like QuadLabs, which is a world leader in offering travel technology solutions, helps these agencies to provide every possible assistance to travelers who are out of their town and far away from their families and friends, yet still finding it no difficulties at all, whether it is personal, emotional or financial. And the fact that most of these agencies use online travel technology makes it simpler for travelers as they can get these helps using only their laptops or mobile devices.