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How has technology turned the world into a global village?

Travelling is necessary, whether it is for a family, a group of friends or a business. Everyone, at some point or another, needs to travel from one place to another. However, the process is quite frequent in a business organization, regardless of the size of the company as they constantly find themselves sending their employees and sales people to networking events, seminars and conventions all over the globe. This sure is a very tiring and stressful process for managers and business owners who may have used several different techniques every time to make the travel of their personnels easier and flexible. However, it is quite understandable if they couldn’t be able to properly manage their corporate travel as it is a very challenging task to accomplish.

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That is why one should contract a corporate travel management firm for the proper management of their corporate travels. A quality and established corporate travel management company contain all the expertise and experience required to make your business travel a piece of cake. You would be immensely surprised to see how much time and money and of course, effort have been saved by outsourcing your business travel to a travel management company.

Since the emergence of travel technology, travelling to any destination has been a lot comfortable, both for people who are vacationing with friends or family or for a business deal. It was extremely difficult for business firms to organize and manage such global business travels without proper tools and knowledge. This would make their visit an expensive and uncomfortable one. This is because in a business travel, many things need to be well considered, thus, in case of emergency, employees wouldn’t find themselves in a cage. A good travel management company would let you have no worries at all and make all the necessary arrangements as the time and need arrives, making the travel and stay of the employees a contented one.

They use latest travel technology and corporate booking tool to help the business book business flights, reservations in an established hotel and accommodation with all business needs, car rental to pick up and drop the employees to other locations at will, etc. Furthermore, they also provide devices to the employees allowing them to interact with their company as needed. Thus, it is easy to say that every business firm should hire a corporate travel management company to organize and manage their business travel as it would eliminate the stress and pressure from your shoulder to provide a comfortable and safe visit of your employees and divert your time on other important things.

Travel technology has truly helped millions of vacationers to enjoy their holidays at their best, but also converted the world into the global business village where organizations of all scales can systematize their corporate travels within their budget and necessities. Therefore, if you are also one of those business who frequently need to send their employees to different cities or even countries, then better appoint a business travel firm.

QuadLabs Technologies is premier travel technology company in India. It has an expert team to provide end to end travel technology solutions to its client worldwide including locations US, UK, Brazil, Middle East and many more. One can also contact us for advance software for travel agency, online booking engine, mid office systems, b2b & b2c travel portal systems and many more.

10 things to look travel software before investing

The most notable quality travel company can offer is customer’s personal services supported by brilliant travel agency software. People have encountered multiple issues during their booking for flight and hotel due to system failure and they typically hold very short temper for non-functioning travel softwares. Travel technology solutions play a defensive role between a traveler and travel agency because a satisfied customer can bring more business and an unsatisfied customer may tear down your business reputation with bad reviews at various travel technology platforms connected with internet. Hence, travel softwares are very applicable product in conducting more business. Here are some of the basic notations that needs to be kept in mind while choosing a travel technology software for your travel agency.

  1. Operational to multiple basic functions and services: The primary objective of a travel technology software is, it should contain all basic functionality like hotels, flights, reservations in order to prevent irritating formalities for customers. So that customers can pick and reserve their favorite location without any hassle.
  1. Numerous sales channels.To attract more potential customers, so that travel agents can boost their business. You must look precisely to buy travel software which is equipped with several sales channels like B2B, B2C.
  1. User and SEO friendly system:The software must be user interactive, so that customers can easily understand the navigational system.
  1. Cross sell functionality:To bring more business along with extra profit, the software must be prepared with this basic feature. So that customers, who wants to book flights can also avail other beneficial opportunities like Hotel booking, sightseeing, etc.
  1. Operates in multiple language and currencies:For customers who wish to travel overseas or other countries, this function means a lot to them. The software must have inbuilt functionality of multiple language and currencies.
  1. Connectivity with GDS’s and third party consolidator: The travel technology software should be united with multiple GDS’s and third party suppliers to reserve overseas flights and Hotels easily.
  1. Hotel contracting: The sightseeing and transfers become reasonably priced under the Hotel contracting feature. So, the software should come with this feature for private negotiations to lower the price values of other Hotel accessories.
  1. Full internet integration: The software should be absolutely integrated with Internet to develop anonline booking engine and airline booking software. Also, Intermediaries and travel agents can check out the availability of Hotel rooms and Flight routes along with their prices to make a hassle free reservation.
  1. Mobile accessibility for reservations: In this extensive arena of mobile applications, it is rather crucial and necessity to attain access of Hotel and flight reservations via Mobile devices. So, the travel software should be accessible anywhere, anytime through mobile connectivity. It will become easy for customers to swiftly gather all the relevant info and stay connected with the system.
  1. Provides reliability in booking procedures: Booking management system of the software should be easy to carry out from the inquiry procedures to the end of stay when the payment is made.

Does Contract Management and Distribution System manages private and negotiated inventory?

It surely does, as contract management and distribution system allows the travel industry to get associated with domestic travel agencies by developing a simple contract, so that they can easily re-sell their inventories to the customers and enhance their sales.

The Travel industry is survived through networking and service and in order to provide the customer with a better experience during their travel in different cities or countries, it is important to be connected with various travel businesses and agencies in those areas. With contract management and distribution system provided by quality travel technology companies, travel consolidators can associate with local hotels, car rentals, sightseeing and travel insurance companies and manage their relationship with them. At the same time, the ultimate goal of offering the best of services to the customers can be met without any hindrance. QuadLabs is well known to offer the most supportive and reliable contract management and distribution system to the needed organization.


With CMDS, it allows the companies to manage private and negotiated inventory and proposes a win win situation for all the parties involved. Using different sales channels, users can easily upload the contracted inventory with deals, fares, discounts, allocation with mark up and commission structure. Using the services of a travel technology company, user can manage the contracts with the hotels, sightseeing and car rentals all over the world. They comprise with extraordinary functions to manage these private and negotiated agreements and help them maintain a good relationship with them. The contract management and distribution system also offers the tour operator and agents with a benefit of managing contracts through various channels, giving them enough space and time to modify their online bookings. It also helps them to maintain their inventories well, so they don’t waste their time and money.

The CMDS offers an incredible allocation service at varying rates, which also helps the travel agencies to separate  the inventories as per the room types, agencies and suppliers. It also divides the policies and conditions to offer the best discounts and deals. Contract Management and Distribution System have secured a very important place in the travel market as it helped the travel companies from all over the world to get connected with other agencies from different part of the world. This enables them to provide best holiday packages and travel packages to their customers who wish to visit any geographical area. By giving them the best rooms, car services, travel insurance, transfer and sightseeing services at a favorable rate, it not only help the company to offer satisfactory services to their clients, but also provided sales opportunities to the local distribution channels as well.

QuadLabs is a leading travel technology company in the world and offers the best contract management and distribution system support to travel agencies in order to connect them with other travel operators quickly and accurately and with quality checks. They have done several global deployments across Europe, South America, Asia, Middle East, Australia, Indonesia and Africa and is highly adapted by each market. By hiring their CMDS service, the user can easily generate higher revenues through high performance and better inventory management.

The transformation of travel industry blended with technology

The latest technological development in the travel industry, widely known as Global Distribution Systems, also known as Automated Reservation System (ARS) that has helped travel agents all over the world. It is a universal computerized reservation network provided in a single point of access in order to book airline tickets, hotels, car rentals and all the other travel products by travel agents using online travel booking system. This new initiative in the travel industry has not only provided numerous benefits to the travel organizations, but also managed to provide cost efficient and easy travel items to the final customer.


However, it is certainly quite difficult for travel organizations to track and handle all the data and information on a regular basis, since one constantly needs to book travel related products, resolve queries of customers on the go, provide necessary details and perform many other responsibilities without any delays. For that purpose, it is recommended to contract a quality and experienced Travel Process Outsourcing company who excels at offering updated travel technology to their customers.

QuadLabs is one of the most reliable travel technology company who performs data analytics and monitor everyday activity, giving the travel companies a better opportunity to enhance their business process and earn greater profits. They allow travel agents and companies to divert their concentration on other important matters while they take care of all the processes regarding the travel bookings and resolving travelers issues. Some of the main functionalities of QuadLabs Travel technology services are as follows:

1. Providing end to end back office data to the travel company

2. Outsourcing travel reservations such as hotel booking, transportation and logistics,

3. Quality check and ticketing

4. Increasing customer satisfaction

5. Resolving queries of customers

6. Checking duplicate bookings

7. Contract management

Travel technology solutions is not only a cost efficient process, but also quite effective when it comes to performance. With global technologies, real time audio/video communication and outstanding working environment, it offers great versatility in the travel business and help them to cut costs and increase sales by a great margin.

Furthermore, they also handle front and back office processes, which directly deals with the customers and administrator. It offers great insights of the behavior of the customer and gives ideas on what measure need to be taken in order to improve efficiency and sales. Thus, if you are also looking to open a travel agency, then it is highly advisable that you outsource your travel process as it could be really stressful and frustrating to handle and operate all the travel operations by yourself. It could only lead to improper travel management, extra cost and customer dissatisfaction.

There are many trustworthy travel technology industries are available who offers high quality travel process outsourcing to travel agents in order to improve their online travel booking system. However, none are as competitive and trustworthy as QuadLabs, who have over 9 years of experience in helping travel industries to provide better services to their travelers and are known to provide unique and highly reliable travel technology solutions to their clients.

How Travel Technology Enhance Travel Business?

A few years ago, planning a holiday might have entailed a visit to the local travel agent or for the more adventurous traveller armed with a guidebook, relying on trusted word-of-mouth recommendations to set their travel agenda. Today, thanks to breakthroughs in technology and high-speed internet, travellers can book their own flight and hotels online, choose to stay in a complete stranger’s house, and rather than entering any unfamiliar restaurant with apprehensions about quality of food, search online reviews on their mobile device while connected to the hotel Wi-Fi.

In the digital age, we’ve become a generation of DIY travellers who plan, manage and book travel online. So what has this transformation meant for businesses in the travel industry?
For travel agents, the rise of digitalisation has severely disrupted the industry. Traditional travel distribution in which high street travel agencies played a dominant role was revolutionised with online travel agencies and direct distribution through airlines and hotels’ websites acquiring a key role.
LCC and online travel companies were the clear winner of the online travel revolution over the past many years, they changed the way today consumers plan and book their trips. Tour operators suffered the rise of independent travel and are today embracing the online and mobile channels in order to stay competitive. While the internet killed off many high street travel agents, others have been forced to adapt to a very changing marketplace, with many embracing the internet by introducing online bookings.
Change and Upgrade in Technology has presented new set of opportunities for small businesses in the travel sector, allowing consumers worldwide to stumble across say a B&B in Paris or luxury safari park in Kenya through online review sites, social media and the businesses’ own websites.
“We pivoted from a hotel guidebook to become an online travel agent just as the internet started to become a place people could finally trust with their credit cards,” says Mr Mahmoudi. “In the whole of that first month online we did 10 bookings – now we do 300 a day.” While he says the business changed its model due to internet and allows online bookings, it still runs 24/7 customer service support via phones for people who want that human element.

For travel companies it’s meant they have to get smarter and adapt as the end user’s expectations rise. Take airlines, some of which now allow passengers to check-in online, access their boarding pass on mobile and operate Wi-Fi on flights.

Technology has transformed every phase of hospitality – from finding a hotel, to checking in, to unlocking your door and personalising your stay. As travel is inherently mobile, travellers expect to use their mobile devices to enrich their travel experiences.

So how will technology shape the future of travel? The coming future will see travellers requiring an increasingly personalised service, with companies able to suggest them customised products on the basis of their profiles and past behaviour. With many travellers already seeking a more customised and local experience, truly personalised trips are already beginning to take off.

QuadLabs is one such leading travel technology provider with over a decade of experience and committed to delivering the best solutions for every company’s travel needs and increasing their business profitability by boosting their sales. They have helped numerous travel agencies and companies in developing and enhancing their travel management system and enjoy a constant business growth.


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Impact of a Corporate Booking Tool on the travel agency business

Travel agents today are in a dilemma as online booking tools have cropped up everywhere. As they offer regular travellers the opportunity to search from a range of potential suppliers in order to find the best offer possible. This leads to many companies exploring niche markets in an effort to create new business opportunities, with a particular focus being placed on the corporate market.

The new corporate travel agent places focus on the level of service that they can provide, ensuring that they make use of a modern corporate booking tool (CBT) in order to help business clients with the various issues that surround their journey. There are a number of ways that this has had an effect on the travel agency that business.

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Which mobile platforms are used by top internet booking engine companies in travel domain?

Mobile platforms are the ongoing trend in travel technology as all the top online booking engine is using mobile applications in order to attract customers towards their business by giving them the utmost convenience for booking travel products. There are several mobile operating platforms such as Android, iOS, etc., which help the travel domain to keep in touch with potential customers all the time. The fact that a mobile application can spend a greater time with the user than a website has diverted travel companies concentration to mobile platforms. QuadLabs is a dedicated travel technology company that helps travel agencies in building the most appropriate online booking engine application for the different mobile distribution platform.

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